High Quality SMS Gateways

In order to realize a service that is always available to our customers, we have found some of the best partners in the industry, which guarantees maximum availability and stability. Our goal is to make as many people as possible understand the benefits of using SMS to streamline their own and others' use of time. In our world it's all about making things happen faster.

SMS API for Developers

ViaNett is working hard to ensure that any developer who wants to use our messaging gateway in their application, site or system, can do so reliably and simply. Our APIs are fast, simple and reliable and can easily fit into any project. You can test-drive or start to use our APIs right away with our free online registration.

Real-Time Monitoring

With our good solutions for monitoring, you have full control of all history in any country at any time.Our services are based on being available around the clock, and one of our main goals is to give you maximum availability and stability.

Click here: Online SMS Monitor
(works best on a powerful PC with high resolution and by using Google Chrome)

Why we love SMS

In our world, it is all about getting important things to happen faster! We believe that fast communication provides good profitability.

Why ViaNett?

  • 15 years' experience
  • 13 APIs for easy integration
  • SMS wholesale worldwide
  • Dispatch of about 700,000 SMS per day
  • Online monitoring of all events worldwide 24/7
  • Business customers in more than 100 countries

News and Highlights

Welcome to ViaNett and our world of SMS!
Did you know that 93% read their SMS / text message within 3 minutes? This is one of the reasons why SMS is one of the world’s most powerful communication methods.
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Strong demand in the Bulk SMS market
After a fabulous general market growth of 28 % in 2012, the growth of Bulk SMS is speeding up even further in 2013. During the first six months ViaNett has had a Bulk SMS growth of an amazing 34 %.
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ViaNett has acquired Vidamo’s SMS client portfolio
ViaNett is focusing its efforts as an SMS Specialist and the role as an SMS wholesaler worldwide. As part of ViaNett’s strategy, we have looked at various client portfolios that we want to buy as a part of our plan for expansion.
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About ViaNett

ViaNett is a company with strong growth, with an annual turnover of 70 million spread over 14 employees. The company´s primary focus is on trading and transmission of SMS traffic. ViaNett handles about 700,000 SMS per day for companies and individuals in more than 175 countries.
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Our goal

ViaNett is a solid company with strong technical expertise in SMS-services and online products and services. Our goal is to help you through our knowledge to get a closer bond between you and your customers.

High Quality SMS Gateway Services