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The basics of the reply path service

The reply path service allows you to receive answers from the users, without the "mandatory" prefix.

Updated: (4.05.2004)


You have created a business communication service, and the switchboard operator wants to send a question to one of the employees.

Question: Are you available for an internal meeting today at 1pm? Please respond to this message.
Answer: No, I will be busy untill 2pm. Is it possible to schedule this meeting at 3pm?

Technical description
When you send a message to a user, you will be able to activate the replypath functionality. This will be activated by setting ActivateReplyPath to a value greater than 0. This value is specified in minutes. Remember that other services at ViaNett's plattform will not be available in this period. Example: The user cannot order a ringtone from 1963 if replypath is activated for another service. Please read the attached news for more tehnical information about this service.

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