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Separate statistics on your services

Do you want to see an overview of your different services in our statistic tool? 

Updated: (4.05.2004)

You have three different services and you want to see how much traffic there is on each service.

Overview, Campaigns

CustomerName CampaignName Count TotalUserPrice TotalPaidFromOperator Cut CustomerShare
Your Company Name   Entertainment service 1243 12345 12345 80   12345
Your Company Name   Chat service 124 124 124   80   124
Your Company Name   Test service 12 0   6 80   10 
Total: Count=1770 Gross=12225 Net=10192 Customer=8448

Technical description
You are able to administer you own campaigns on the campaign page. All outgoing messages can be specified using these campaigns. It is also possible to have different campaigns on incoming messages. Please contact ViaNett for more information.

Clients currently supported
ViaNett YAP client
Java API 1.7
SQL Client

NB: This service is still only available for test purposes.

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