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ViaNett SMS client

General information about our SMS / MMS clients.

What is ViaNett SMS client
With these clients you will be able to send and receive messages from an application on your server/pc.

Different clients
The following clients are available today

Send and receive multimedia messages. We have support MMS in Norway.

Binary content
All our clients support binary content. Examples of binary content are ringtones, operator logos, picture messages etc.

Flash messages
These messages appear on the screen immediately upon arrival, without the need to press any buttons on the phone.

Alfa numerical sender
Specify your company name as the sender. This service can also be used to send anonymous messages. Great entertainment service.

Incomming messages
Two prefix'es are included when the service is established. When a mobile user sends a message with one of these prefixes to one of our service number, it will automatically forwarded to your SMS client.

Delivery report
You will receive delivery report on all outgoing messages. These reports will give you billing information and delivery status.

When you mark an outgoing message with replypath, the user will be able to send an answer without the need for a prefix. When the answer arrives, the client will receive a reference ID. This reference ID will connect the incomming answer to the outgoing question. You will find more information here.

Online statistics for all your traffic. Add campaigns for your different services to get detailed statistics on your services. You will find more information here.

Available countries

  • Norway. Full support for two way communication, premium and MMS. Available pricegroups are NOK 1 - 30. (NOK 60 will be available soon)
  • Sweden. Full support for two way communication and premium messages. Available pricegroups are SEK 1 - 30.
  • Denmark. Full support for two way communication and premium messages. Available pricegroups are DKK 1 - 49.
  • Portugal. Full support for two way communication and premium messages.
  • All other countries: Support for outgoing messages.

Please contact us if you want information about other countries. We are also able to deliver communcation lines through different partneres around the world. You will find a list of supported operators on this page. Please note that we have the technical support for these operators, but we do not have a formal agreement for all of these operators today.

Free demonstration
Test until 10 messages in the test period. The demonstration account can be created on this page.

You will find our standard prices on this page.

Other services
Look at for information about other SMS services provided by ViaNett.

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