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Revenue information on delivery reports

Information about revenue and distribution cost is now available on all delivery reports from ViaNett.

Values that is delivered:

ConsumerPrice: This is how much the mobile user pays for the message. Taxes is included in this value.
NetPrice: This is the amout that is paid out from the operator. Taxes is not included.
CpaRevenue: This value is how much you will receive for this message. This value will be negative if the pricegroup is 0.

Example from the YAP protocol:

delivery_from_op: msgid=1234 campaignid=0 ok=True srcoperator=2 sentdate=14.05.2004%2013%3A52%3A18 errorcode=200 consumerprice=10 netprice=5,75 cparevenue=4,6 cut=80 refno=12345
delivery_from_op_ack: refno=12345

Please contact ViaNett for more information.

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