SMS client software

PHP SMSC Installation.

This example shows you how to install php smsc on a computer with RedHat Linux, Apache, PHP and MySql installed.




$ mkdir /var/www/vianett

$ cd /var/www/Vianett


Download needed files:

$ wget [url to the classfiles]

$ wget [url to the programfiles]

$ wget [url to the setup]



Unzip needed files:

$ tar zxvf phpsmsc-class-1.0.tgz

$ tar zxvf phpsmsc-app-1.0.tgz

$ tar zxvf phpsmsc-config-1.0.tgz



Configure system(RedHat Linux):

$ pico -w


Press CRTL+X to save


Configure database (MySql):

$ php install_mysql.php


Configure web server (Apache):

$ php install_apache.php


Configure crontab for mt application:

$ php install_crontab.php

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