SMS client software

PHP Client solutions

PHPSMSC contains examples of class files you can use in your php project to obtain easy access to sending and/or receiving sms and mms messages. If you wish to use php and don’t have a php project you can simply use the application files included in phpsmsc.

Simple PHP example for sending SMS

A simple example of how a PHP script for sending SMS can look like, can be found here.


The application files are really example files to show how to use the class files. If you choose to use these you will get an application with 3 MySql tables. One table where you put messages for automatic sending, one table for received messages and one table for delivery reports on messages you have sent.

Installation guide:

1. Download
2. Unzip the files to your hard drive
3. Edit config/
3. If you want to use the existing databasefunctions you have to install a MySql database and run install/install_mysql.php.
4. Create a web area with root application/
5. Create a scheduled task or a crontab which runs the application/mt.php automatic.

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