SMS client software

ViaNett SQL client

This software is recommended if you have a Microsoft SQL server. Incoming messages will be inserted into the SMS_In table, and messages inserted into the SMS_Out table will be automatically sent.

1) Install the application
2) Follow the instructions in the readme.txt file
Insert messages into the SMS_Out table to send messages. Incoming messages are automatically inserted into the SMS_IN table. The SMS_Out_Log table will store delivery information of messages that are sent.
Download: VianettSQLService_Setup.msi (Version 1.0.83)
- Fixed some decimal separator parsing problems
- Unicode support
- Fixed delivery report bug
- Fixed overflow in campaignid
- Increased fromalpha field length to 11 characters
- Added support for delivery reports
- Support for specifying when a message will be sent
- Fixed bug in DB poller
- Fixed replypathid in SMS_In
- Changed databaseprovider
- Added field for Nrq in Sms_Out
- Added field for DestTel in Sms_In
- Fixed errors in ViaNett.sql script
- Fixed missing field in upgrade script. Removed ViaNett_Upgrade_1.0.22.sql
- Fixed bug in logfile format. Service did not create new files until restart
- Fixed bug in message encoding introduced in v1.0.22
- Added parameter for Catalog Name (Database name) in config file,
 see ConfigExample.xml for usage. This will override database name specified in
 connection string. Users witch use database name other than "Vianett" has to
 add this parameter to their config file.
- Added support for multiple connections and databases. Add a filename on a new line
 in ConfigFiles.ini for each connection you want to add.
- You can split logfile up in the way you want by renaming it in the config file, see ConfigExample.xml for usage.
 The format is LogFileName_{<format>}.extesion
  eg: SocketLog_{yyyy_MM}.log -> SocketLog_2005_02.log
  This example will make a new logfile every month
 You can use any Custom .NET DateTime Format Strings:
- Moved log files to "Logs" directory
- Moved is_alive and is_alive_ack messages to separat log file 
- Added fields for content messages
- Fixed encoding problems

- Moved DB ConnectionString to Config.xml, default is
 <ConnectionString>data source=localhost;initial catalog=Vianett;integrated security=SSPI;persist security info=False;packet size=4096</ConnectionString>
- Fixed bug when two processes tries to append to logfile simultaneous

- Added field RecievedTime in SMS_In table, run ViaNett_Upgrade_1.0.20.sql
- Added support for using DB polling instead of MSMQ, this is the default option
- new optional sections in config fil:
- Fixed bug when sending and recieving MMS
- Added fields refno, CountryId and ErrorDescription to SMS_Out_Log table,
upgrade script is provided in MSI file
- Changed PK of table SMS_Out_Log to CLUSTERED (msgID, refno)
- Changed naming of SQL upgrade scripts to reflect version number.
- Fixed error when sending long messages. Messages that are splitted by ViaNett will
generate multiple delivery reports which will be logged as seperat records in SMS_Out_Log.
- The Msg field in SMS_Out_Log is provided from delivery report, not SMS_Out table.

- SMS_Out_Log did not contain campaignID
- new optional sections in config fil which will force creation of log message even though delivery report
has no coresponding message in SMS_Out table:
- The service now waits for Meassage Queue service to start before invoking
the MSMQ listener.
- If config file exists, it will not be rewritten when upgrading after this
version. When you upgrade to this version the config file will be rewritten.

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