SMS client software

New Interface

SMPP version 3.4

SMPP is an industry standard. This protocol can be used to send SMS. This interface is not available for premium services.

All our SMPP servers are transparent SMPP. The SMPP packages are not changed by ViaNett, and therefore there's no loss of functionality.

Supported commands:
BIND - Initiated by the client
UNBIND - Initiated by the client or the server
SUBMIT_SM - Initiated by the client (use this to send the messages)
DELIVER_SM - Initiated by the server (delivery reports)
ENQUIRE_LINK - Initiated by the client

Connection details:
SMPP server: (
Port: 2775
SystemType: GWxxx (xxx represent the route you want to use. Use GW0 for default routing).
Example of a delivery report:
id:7407784 sub:001 dlvrd:001 submit date:0603311542 done date:0603311542 stat:DELIVRD err:001 text:GW250 MCC=242 MNC=1
GW250, the gateway that the message has been sent through
MCC=242, the mobile country code for the MSISDN
MNC=1, the subscribers network
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