Mobile Services

Send BulkSMS

Q: How can I send SMS Messages to multiple recipients at once?

A: Go to Administration > Mobile Services > Send BulkSMS

  • Type the message you want to send in the Message field. 1 SMS = 160 characters. See counter at the bottom of the Message field. 
  • Type in the numbers you want to send the SMS to in the Send to field. You can also copy-paste text here. Choose what character separates the numbers from the drop down menu.
  • Choose your Settings.
    • Price group: How much the recipient will be charged.
    • Campaign:
    • ReplyPath:
    • From Alpha: Allows you to send the SMS with an alphanumeric sender, i.g your company name. Maximum 11 characters. If you want to send your message with From Alpha, the message has to be free of charge for the receiver, i.e Price group = Free.
  • Press Send Message to send your message to all recipients in the Send to list.

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