ViaNett has acquired Vidamo’s SMS client portfolio

ViaNett is focusing its efforts as an SMS Specialist and the role as an SMS wholesaler worldwide. As part of ViaNett’s strategy, we have looked at various client portfolios that we want to buy as a part of our plan for expansion. ViaNett’s 2013 acquisition of Mobiletech’s SMS customer portfolio was a great success. We have now acquired Vidamo’s SMS client portfolio. Vidamo has provided mobile technology services since 2005, and has grown to become a leading provider of loyalty-driven solutions for retail, banking and finance. With a global portfolio of brands and corporate clients, Vidamo is actively creating promotional solutions, customer loyalty, and reduced costs. Vidamo has exciting clients such as Norwegian, Ikano Finance, Santander Bank and others.

We are eager and excited to begin our cooperation with Vidamo and their customers.

More information about Vidamo can be found on:

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