Welcome to ViaNett and our world of SMS!

Did you know that 93% read their SMS / text message within 3 minutes? This is one of the reasons why SMS is one of the world’s most powerful communication methods.

Phone in bed In a world with an unstoppable demand for more and more efficiency, fast communication is one of the most important factors to make things happen faster. SMS is currently considered to be the world’s most effective method of communication. In 2012 the SMS business market in Norway increased by more than 28%, and it continues to grow in 2013. Smartphones have become as common as shoes. You wear them at all time, except in bed and in the shower where you place them close by. The fact that almost everybody keep  their phones within an arm’s length at all times explains why SMS has become so powerful.
The application  areas for SMS are enormous. An increasing number of companies have adopted SMS as an important part of their communication tool box. A reliable and rapid execution of SMS, online
delivery reports and smart two-way dialogue, are some of the features that ViaNett specializes in.
As a developer, you will have access to support from our developers for integrating the SMS functionalities to run as quickly and painlessly as possible.
We look forward to cooperate with you in the future by providing you with tools that speed up businesses all over the world.

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