ViaNett buys Sendega

ViaNett acquires 100% of the shares in Sendega AS, making ViaNett the second largest company in the SMS market in Norway today. Both companies provide products and services related to mobile communications and mobile payments in Norway and will have a total turnover of NOK 120 million (approximately 14.4 million EUR).

Date: 10/20/14
Stian Skoglund og Stein Sommerseth

Stian Skoglund and Stein Sommerseth

ViaNett has been focusing on mobile payment and bulk SMS, whilst Sendega has become a lead supplier of SMS-related services to the donation business as well as bulk SMS. The two companies' competitive edge have become significantly strengthened, whilst the overall customer base will benefit from better service, an enhanced product portfolio and increased security through this acquisition.

"By combining forces with Sendega, both companies have enhanced its expertise and product portfolio. The two companies are a very good match and will emerge as a significantly more effective company in the future," is the statement of Stein Sommerseth, CEO of ViaNett. ViaNett kjøper Sendega - finansavisen

"We are definitely looking at an exciting future, and we believe our customers and partners will experience great advantages, as a result of this transaction with ViaNett. Now, becoming the second largest player in the market, we will have a lot more muscle to compete with, "according to Stian Skoglund, former CEO of Sendega AS. Stian will continue as COO in ViaNett.

The market for SMS is in an exciting phase. A number of new usage areas for SMS are appearing, although there still seem to be challenges associated with payment by phone. Major international and national players such as Apple, Google, Telenor and Strex are all launching new solutions for mobile payment. Through better facilitated solutions, including the ones, for instance Strex have to offer, ViaNett and its customers will, at a much greater extent be able to leverage their existing and future payment solutions.

About ViaNett:

ViaNett AS, founded in 1998 had a turnover of NOK 51 million (approx. 6 mill EUR) in 2013. Vianett provides products and services related to mobile communications and mobile payments to businesses, as well as being a major player in the SMS- business to -consumer market. Among Vianetts customers, are for instance Nespresso, Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation, Moss Airport Rygge, Bank Norwegian and Norwegian Airshuttle.

About Sendega AS

Sendega AS, founded in 2005 had a turnover of NOK 53 million (approx. 6.3 million EUR) in 2013. The company provides products and services related to mobile communications and mobile payment and entered the Neovada group in 2007, which is a company wholly owned by the three founders of Sendega; Ingar Melby, Ole Heintz and Stian L. Skoglund. Sendega has been run, completely without any capital from external investors and has recently positioned itself as a market leader in donation services via SMS. Some of Sendegas customers are Redd Barna (Member of: Save the Children International), Telenor, Aker Solutions, Kirkens Nødhjelp(Norwegian Church Aid) and Tine (Dairy).

Contact information:
Stein Sommerseth, CEO ViaNett AS
Telefon: 92 88 10 91

Stian Skoglund, former CEO Sendega AS
Telefon: 99 63 19 99

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