ViaNett increases security through Verji SMS from Rosberg AS

Smartphones are subjected to silent attacks these days, you will never know that you are infected and no Anti- virus can detect these threats. This is in other words attacks that are stealthy and untraceable, and you have no means to protect yourself – until now.

ViaNett og Verji inngår avtaleThese infections are done using SMS as a method of infecting the phone. Most of them are silent, and they infect the phone at the modem level where the operating system of the modem or SIM card is used to gain access to and install malicious software. These methods are used amongst others by the NSA, an attack method called Monkey Calendar.

However, the NSA is just a small part of this picture, and these infections are used to everything from draining your mo- bile account, to physically destroying your phone, to tapping into everything you have on your phone including voice and SMS, even encrypted voice can be monitored, to industrial espionage and targeted attacks on mobile banking solutions.
The Norwegian mobile security company Rosberg System has done research on these serious infections on smartphones, and has created the only scalable and patent pending solution for preventing these attacks.

As a result of the latest disclosures regarding politicians, financial institutions, law-offices and being exposed to espionage by having their mobile phones tapped , this service is more relevant than ever. By subscribing to the service “Verji SMS” those institutions could avert and prevent this happening to them and their businesses.

Verji SMS is an advanced service, but it is easily implemented in your business` mobile telephony service so, that it can prevent eavesdropping and spying of conversations and content on the mobile device.Most large companies use one or more systems to ensure safety around the use of mobile and -smart phones in terms of scanning e-mails and internet usage. However, the service Verji SMS, is a unique service for checking SMS sent to your phone!

ViaNett and Rosberg AS has signed a contract giving ViaNett the rights to sell Rosbergs security service “Verji SMS”.

The service works like this: All incoming SMS is sent to a server containing software from Rosberg as "sinks" messages. The server processes the message and verifies that the message is safe and without viruses/spyware or other threats, before the message is sent encrypted to the customer's mobile phone.
All SMS, also hidden SMS are scanned before being forwarded to the customer's mobile phone.

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