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No establishment fee and monthly fees when signing a bulk agreement with ViaNett. Two-way communication and premium services have different pricing.

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Minimum Monthly BillBase FeeCalculate Prices
EUR 150.0EUR 0,049Calculate Prices
EUR 275.0EUR 0,037Calculate Prices
EUR 650.0EUR 0,025Calculate Prices
Deposit is 2 months traffic. Please contact us for prices if you have more than 500.000 messages per month.
Calculate prices for 2 million+/month
Calculate prices for 10 million+/month
Final prices, base fee EUR 0.049
972425Israel5Palestine Cellular Communications, Ltd.EUR 0,109
965419Kuwait2Zain KuwaitEUR 0,109
47242Norway3TeletopiaEUR 0,086
47242Norway14ice.netEUR 0,086
47242Norway1TelenorEUR 0,067
47242Norway2Telia (NetCom)EUR 0,086
47242Norway5Network NorwayEUR 0,086
47242Norway7Phonero (Ventelo)EUR 0,086
47242Norway9Com4EUR 0,086
47242Norway23Lyca Mobile LtdEUR 0,086
47242Norway8TDC Mobil ASEUR 0,086
47242Norway4Tele2EUR 0,086
1671310United States of America380AT&T MobilityEUR 0,109
1671310United States of America410AT&T MobilityEUR 0,109

CC = CountryCode
MCC = Mobile Country Code
MNC = Mobile Network Code

Complete list of all MCC and MNC: /en/prices/international-customers/prices-sms-bulk/mccmnc

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