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MCC 242 - Norway

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Basic version
Included for all premium and two-way customers for Norway. Price per query is NOK 1.99.
Queries only allowed for whitelisted numbers, more information below.

Advanced version
Setup fee: NOK 10.000 (Customers with existing premium agreement for Norway: NOK 0)
Per month: NOK 3.500
Price per query: NOK 0.75
No limitations, only regulated by laws and the agreement with ViaNett.
The prices are based on submitted volume per month. The prices are not retroactive. That means, the price for the first submitted message will not change even if you submit more than 1000 SMS.

(*) This value is just an estimated price based on the market share. The market share is estimated on ViaNett’s existing traffic. ViaNett will always charge based on the real network, and your average price might be different based on which network you are sending traffic to.

Multiple Services

Your credits can be used to send SMS, run HLRs, send MMS, shortcodes and longcodes. You will get access to all available APIs. After your first purchase, you will only be able to send SMS to your home country. If you want to send SMS worldwide, please send a request to after your purchase, with information about the kind of traffic you intend to send, preferably including examples, to allow us to evaluate whether we may remove the restriction on your account. This restriction is there to prevent SPAM.

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