01Checksum error 
02Syntax errorError in the NPID parameter (SMS Message transfer) or in the PID parameter (SMT Alert).
03Operation not supported by system 
04Operation not allowedAny internal error (e.g. no resources), often of temporary nature. If the RAd:s (number of addresses) parameter contained more addresses than the specified maximum, the System Message parameter will contain "too many addresses".
05Call barring activeOne of the addresses is on the blacklist.
06AdC invalid 
07Authentication failureAuthentication failure (PWD parameter in 60-series)
08Legitimisation code for all calls, failure 
09FA not valid 
10Repetition not allowed 
11Legitimisation code for repetition, failure 
12Priority call not allowed 
13Legitimisation code for priority call, failure 
14Urgent message not allowed 
15Legitimisation code for urgent message, failure 
16Reverse charging not allowed 
17Legitimisation code for rev. vharging, failure 
18Deferred delivery not allowed 
19New AC not validNew AC not valid (NPWD parameter in 60-series)
20New lgitimisation code not valid 
21Standard text not valid 
22Time period not valid 
23Message type not supported by system 
24Message to long 
25Requested standard text not valid 
26Message type not valid 
27Message not found in smsc 
30Subscriber hang-up 
31Fax group not supported 
32Fax message type not supported 
33Adress already in list(60 series) 
34Adress not in list(60 series) 
35List full, cannot add address to list (60 series) 
36RPID already in use 
37Delivery in progress 
38Message forwarded