200Successful Successful
9001Duplicate client reference Duplicate client reference
9101Invalid destination address Invalid destination address
9102Invalid originating address Invalid originating address
9103Invalid price Invalid price
9104Invalid large account Invalid large account
9105Number series not recognizedThe request failed because the number does not belong to a recognized number series as assigned by NPT (Norwegian Post and Telecom Authority).
9201Destination address is unknownDestination address is unknown, i.e. subscriber belongs to a mobile operator not supported.
9202Subscriber is temporarily barred Subscriber is temporarily barred
9203Subscriber is permanent barred Subscriber is permanent barred
9204Subscriber has reserved Subscriber has reserved
9205Subscriber is too young Subscriber is too young
9206Subscriber belongs to another operatorThe request failed because the subscriber belongs to another operator.
9207Refused by service providerThe request failed because it was refused by the service provider (not used).
9301Subscriber has insufficient funds Subscriber has insufficient funds
9401Message is rejected by SMSCMessage is rejected by SMSC
9998The message has been deleted by the SMSCThe message has been deleted by the SMSC. This code indicates that the SMSC is unable to route the message to a valid subscriber and the message is then deleted on the SMSC. Deleted should be treated as a permanent error.