0x00000000No error 
0x00000001Message Lenght is invalid 
0x00000002Command Length is invalid 
0x00000003Invalid Command ID 
0x00000004Incorrect BIND Status for given command 
0x00000005ESME Already in Bound State 
0x00000006Invalid Priority Flag 
0x00000007Invalid Registered Delivery Flag 
0x0000000AInvalid Source Adress 
0x0000000BInvalid Dest Addr 
0x0000000CMessage ID is invalid 
0x0000000DBind Failed 
0x0000000EInvalid Password 
0x0000000FInvalid System ID 
0x00000011Cancel SM Failed 
0x00000013Replace SM Failed 
0x00000014Message Queue Full 
0x00000015Invalid Service Type 
0x00000016 - 0x0000003FReserved 
0x00000040Destination flag is invalid (submit_multi) 
0x00000042Invalid 'submit with replace' request (i.e submit_sm with replace_if_present_flag set) 
0x00000043Invalid asm_class field data 
0x00000044Cannot Submit to Distribution List 
0x00000045submit_sm or submit_multi failed 
0x00000046 - 0x00000047Reserved 
0x00000048Invalid Source address TON 
0x00000049Invalid Source address 
0x00000050Invalid Source address NPI 
0x00000051Invalid Destination address NPI 
0x00000053Invalid system_type field 
0x00000054Invalid replace_if_present flag 
0x00000055Invalid number og messages 
0x00000056 - 0x00000057Reserved 
0x00000058Throttling error (ESME has exceeded allowed message limits) 
0x00000059 - 0x00000060Reserved 
0x00000061Invalid Scheduled Delivery Time 
0x00000062Invalid message validity period(Expiry time) 
0x00000063Predefined Message Invalid or Not Found 
0x00000064ESME Receiver Temporary App Error Code 
0x00000065ESME Receiver Permanent App Error Code 
0x00000066ESME Receiver Reject Message Error Code 
0x00000067query_sm request failed 
0x00000068 - 0x000000BFReserved 
0x000000C0Error in the optional part og the PDU Body. 
0x000000C1Optional Parameter not allowed 
0x000000C2Invalid Parameter Length 
0x000000C3Expected Optional Parameter missing 
0x000000C4Invalid Optional Parameter Value 
0x000000C5 - 0x000000FDReserved 
0x000000FEDelivery Failure (used for data_sm_resp) 
0x000000FFUnknown Error 
0x00000100 - 0x000003FFReserved for SMPP extension 
0x00000400 - 0x000004FFReserved for SMSC vendor specific errors 
0x00000500 - 0xFFFFFFFFReserved