TDC Norway

1Message successfully deliveredThe message was delivered to the mobile and the charging (if any) completed.
10Communication errorCommunication error, the message was not successfully delivered
11Temporary operator errorThe operator could not deliver the message to the end user because of a temporary error.
2Pre-paid account insufficientThe subscriber's pre-paid card didn't hold the amount necessary to complete the content charging and the message was not delivered.
3Subscriber blacklistedThe subscriber has been blacklisted by the operator (subscriber limit exceeded or subscriber has actively disabled premium messages).
4Not a subscriberThe MSISDN is not recognized by the operator and content charging and/or message delivery cannot be completed.
5Unknown SMSC errorThe content charging and message delivery failed because of an error at the SMSC.
6Message validity period timed outThe message's validity period expired before it was possible to deliver it to the mobile phone.
7Message is undeliverableThe message contains undeliverable content (usually due to illegal binary values).
8Message cancelledThis covers status codes 2, 3 and 4 and is used whenever operators only return limited information when rejecting a content charged message.
9Message has been deletedThe message was deleted and not delivered
InvalidTelThe customer does not existThe customer does not exist, please remove the number from your database