MMS Billing Norway

Short-code: 1963, 2065

Ethical rules for SMS premium services in Norway

Important information:

These guidelines applies to all operators in Norway.

Cut of net revenue

80% for gross amount NOK 0 - NOK 100 000 each month.
90% for gross amount above NOK 100 000 each month

Example: NOK 150 000 turnover gross in one month in Norway will give 80% for the first 100 000 and 90% for NOK 50 000.

Prices for MMS Delivery

Telenor: NOK 1,25
Netcom: NOK 0,80 + NOK 0,01 per kilobyte
Tele2: NOK 1,65
Network Norway (currently not supported): NOK 1,65

For premium MMS, see the table for MMS outpayments below - revenue is calculated the same way as for SMS (see above). Note that for NetCom, a fee of NOK 0,01 per kilobyte has to be subtracted from the amount paid out by the operator. Note that MMS support for Network Norway is currently not implemented.

MMS - pricegroups partly supported
OperatorDisplayNameOperatorIDPriceGroupConsumerPrice<br>(inc VAT)PaidOutFromOperator<br>(exl VAT)Kilobyte Fee
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1200NOK 2NOK 0.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2200NOK 2NOK 0.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3200NOK 2NOK 0.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634200NOK 2NOK 0.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635200NOK 2NOK 0.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1300NOK 3NOK 1.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2300NOK 3NOK 1.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3300NOK 3NOK 1.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634300NOK 3NOK 0.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635300NOK 3NOK 1.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1400NOK 4NOK 2.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2400NOK 4NOK 2.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3400NOK 4NOK 1.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634400NOK 4NOK 1.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635400NOK 4NOK 1.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1500NOK 5NOK 2.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2500NOK 5NOK 2.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3500NOK 5NOK 2.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634500NOK 5NOK 1.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635500NOK 5NOK 2.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1600NOK 6NOK 3.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2600NOK 6NOK 3.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3600NOK 6NOK 3.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634600NOK 6NOK 2.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635600NOK 6NOK 3.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1700NOK 7NOK 3.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2700NOK 7NOK 3.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3700NOK 7NOK 3.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634700NOK 7NOK 3.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635700NOK 7NOK 3.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1800NOK 8NOK 4.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2800NOK 8NOK 4.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3800NOK 8NOK 4.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634800NOK 8NOK 3.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635800NOK 8NOK 4.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1900NOK 9NOK 5.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2900NOK 9NOK 5.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3900NOK 9NOK 4.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634900NOK 9NOK 4.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635900NOK 9NOK 4.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11000NOK 10NOK 5.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21000NOK 10NOK 5.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31000NOK 10NOK 5.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341000NOK 10NOK 4.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351000NOK 10NOK 5.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11100NOK 11NOK 6.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21100NOK 11NOK 6.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31100NOK 11NOK 6.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341100NOK 11NOK 5.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351100NOK 11NOK 6.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11200NOK 12NOK 6.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21200NOK 12NOK 6.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31200NOK 12NOK 6.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341200NOK 12NOK 6.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351200NOK 12NOK 6.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11300NOK 13NOK 7.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21300NOK 13NOK 7.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31300NOK 13NOK 7.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341300NOK 13NOK 6.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351300NOK 13NOK 7.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11400NOK 14NOK 8.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21400NOK 14NOK 8.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31400NOK 14NOK 7.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341400NOK 14NOK 7.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351400NOK 14NOK 7.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11500NOK 15NOK 8.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21500NOK 15NOK 8.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31500NOK 15NOK 8.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341500NOK 15NOK 7.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351500NOK 15NOK 8.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11600NOK 16NOK 9.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21600NOK 16NOK 9.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31600NOK 16NOK 9.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341600NOK 16NOK 8.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351600NOK 16NOK 9.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11700NOK 17NOK 9.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21700NOK 17NOK 9.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31700NOK 17NOK 9.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341700NOK 17NOK 9.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351700NOK 17NOK 9.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11800NOK 18NOK 10.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21800NOK 18NOK 10.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31800NOK 18NOK 10.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341800NOK 18NOK 9.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351800NOK 18NOK 10.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11900NOK 19NOK 11.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21900NOK 19NOK 11.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31900NOK 19NOK 10.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341900NOK 19NOK 10.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351900NOK 19NOK 10.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12000NOK 20NOK 11.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22000NOK 20NOK 11.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32000NOK 20NOK 11.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342000NOK 20NOK 10.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352000NOK 20NOK 11.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12100NOK 21NOK 12.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22100NOK 21NOK 12.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32100NOK 21NOK 12.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342100NOK 21NOK 11.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352100NOK 21NOK 12.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12200NOK 22NOK 12.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22200NOK 22NOK 12.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32200NOK 22NOK 12.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342200NOK 22NOK 12.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352200NOK 22NOK 12.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12300NOK 23NOK 13.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22300NOK 23NOK 13.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32300NOK 23NOK 13.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342300NOK 23NOK 12.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352300NOK 23NOK 13.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12400NOK 24NOK 14.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22400NOK 24NOK 14.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32400NOK 24NOK 13.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342400NOK 24NOK 13.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352400NOK 24NOK 13.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12500NOK 25NOK 14.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22500NOK 25NOK 14.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32500NOK 25NOK 14.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342500NOK 25NOK 13.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352500NOK 25NOK 14.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12600NOK 26NOK 15.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22600NOK 26NOK 15.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32600NOK 26NOK 15.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342600NOK 26NOK 14.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352600NOK 26NOK 15.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12700NOK 27NOK 15.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22700NOK 27NOK 15.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32700NOK 27NOK 15.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342700NOK 27NOK 15.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352700NOK 27NOK 15.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12800NOK 28NOK 16.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22800NOK 28NOK 16.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32800NOK 28NOK 16.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342800NOK 28NOK 15.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352800NOK 28NOK 16.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12900NOK 29NOK 17.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22900NOK 29NOK 17.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32900NOK 29NOK 16.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342900NOK 29NOK 16.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352900NOK 29NOK 16.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13000NOK 30NOK 17.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23000NOK 30NOK 17.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33000NOK 30NOK 17.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343000NOK 30NOK 16.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353000NOK 30NOK 17.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13100NOK 31NOK 18.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23100NOK 31NOK 18.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33100NOK 31NOK 18.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343100NOK 31NOK 17.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353100NOK 31NOK 18.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13200NOK 32NOK 18.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23200NOK 32NOK 18.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33200NOK 32NOK 18.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343200NOK 32NOK 18.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353200NOK 32NOK 18.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13300NOK 33NOK 19.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23300NOK 33NOK 19.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33300NOK 33NOK 19.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343300NOK 33NOK 18.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353300NOK 33NOK 19.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13400NOK 34NOK 20.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23400NOK 34NOK 20.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33400NOK 34NOK 19.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343400NOK 34NOK 19.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353400NOK 34NOK 19.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13500NOK 35NOK 20.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23500NOK 35NOK 20.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33500NOK 35NOK 20.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343500NOK 35NOK 19.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353500NOK 35NOK 20.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13600NOK 36NOK 21.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23600NOK 36NOK 21.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33600NOK 36NOK 21.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343600NOK 36NOK 20.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353600NOK 36NOK 21.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13700NOK 37NOK 21.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23700NOK 37NOK 21.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33700NOK 37NOK 21.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343700NOK 37NOK 21.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353700NOK 37NOK 21.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13800NOK 38NOK 22.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23800NOK 38NOK 22.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33800NOK 38NOK 22.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343800NOK 38NOK 21.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353800NOK 38NOK 22.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13900NOK 39NOK 23.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23900NOK 39NOK 23.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33900NOK 39NOK 22.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343900NOK 39NOK 22.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353900NOK 39NOK 22.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14000NOK 40NOK 23.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24000NOK 40NOK 23.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34000NOK 40NOK 23.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344000NOK 40NOK 22.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354000NOK 40NOK 23.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14100NOK 41NOK 24.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24100NOK 41NOK 24.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34100NOK 41NOK 24.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344100NOK 41NOK 23.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354100NOK 41NOK 24.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14200NOK 42NOK 24.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24200NOK 42NOK 24.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34200NOK 42NOK 24.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344200NOK 42NOK 24.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354200NOK 42NOK 24.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14300NOK 43NOK 25.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24300NOK 43NOK 25.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34300NOK 43NOK 25.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344300NOK 43NOK 24.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354300NOK 43NOK 25.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14400NOK 44NOK 26.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24400NOK 44NOK 26.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34400NOK 44NOK 25.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344400NOK 44NOK 25.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354400NOK 44NOK 25.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14500NOK 45NOK 26.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24500NOK 45NOK 26.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34500NOK 45NOK 26.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344500NOK 45NOK 25.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354500NOK 45NOK 26.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14600NOK 46NOK 27.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24600NOK 46NOK 27.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34600NOK 46NOK 27.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344600NOK 46NOK 26.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354600NOK 46NOK 27.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14700NOK 47NOK 27.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24700NOK 47NOK 27.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34700NOK 47NOK 27.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344700NOK 47NOK 27.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354700NOK 47NOK 27.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14800NOK 48NOK 28.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24800NOK 48NOK 28.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34800NOK 48NOK 28.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344800NOK 48NOK 27.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354800NOK 48NOK 28.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14900NOK 49NOK 29.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24900NOK 49NOK 29.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34900NOK 49NOK 28.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344900NOK 49NOK 28.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354900NOK 49NOK 28.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15000NOK 50NOK 29.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25000NOK 50NOK 29.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35000NOK 50NOK 29.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345000NOK 50NOK 28.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355000NOK 50NOK 29.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15100NOK 51NOK 30.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25100NOK 51NOK 30.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35100NOK 51NOK 30.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345100NOK 51NOK 29.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355100NOK 51NOK 30.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15200NOK 52NOK 30.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25200NOK 52NOK 30.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35200NOK 52NOK 30.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345200NOK 52NOK 30.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355200NOK 52NOK 30.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15300NOK 53NOK 31.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25300NOK 53NOK 31.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35300NOK 53NOK 31.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345300NOK 53NOK 30.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355300NOK 53NOK 31.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15400NOK 54NOK 32.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25400NOK 54NOK 32.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35400NOK 54NOK 31.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345400NOK 54NOK 31.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355400NOK 54NOK 31.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15500NOK 55NOK 32.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25500NOK 55NOK 32.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35500NOK 55NOK 32.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345500NOK 55NOK 31.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355500NOK 55NOK 32.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15600NOK 56NOK 33.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25600NOK 56NOK 33.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35600NOK 56NOK 33.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345600NOK 56NOK 32.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355600NOK 56NOK 33.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15700NOK 57NOK 33.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25700NOK 57NOK 33.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35700NOK 57NOK 33.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345700NOK 57NOK 33.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355700NOK 57NOK 33.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15800NOK 58NOK 34.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25800NOK 58NOK 34.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35800NOK 58NOK 34.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345800NOK 58NOK 33.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355800NOK 58NOK 34.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15900NOK 59NOK 35.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25900NOK 59NOK 35.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35900NOK 59NOK 34.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345900NOK 59NOK 34.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355900NOK 59NOK 34.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)16000NOK 60NOK 35.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)26000NOK 60NOK 35.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)36000NOK 60NOK 35.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196346000NOK 60NOK 34.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196356000NOK 60NOK 35.55NOK 0