MMS Billing Sweden

Short-code: 72323

Ethical rules for SMS premium services in Sweden:

Press this link to go the Ethical councel which is an independent organisation. At this page you will find two pdf-files, one in swedish and one in english:

Special notes about subscription services:

Vodafone demands that a subscription service starts with an MO sms and has a limit per month of SEK 200 per end-user.
If the number of messages, price and total cost is not fixed, the enduser must be unsubscribed automatically after 10 messages and asked for renewal. Feel free to ask for advice.

Cut of net revenue

Sweden: 80% for gross amount SEK 0 - SEK 150 000 each month.
  90% for gross amount above SEK 150 000 each month


SEK 200 000 turnover gross in one month in Sweden will give 80% for the first 150 000 and 90% for SEK 50 000.