Gateway: GW230

Route description
Economy route. Quality, delivery time and features depends on destination. Alphanumeric sender, final delivery reports, binary, unicode. Normal delivery time < 5 sec. Delivery time can be up to 2 hours, depending on destination.
Status codes
1Service temporary not available
2Service temporary not available
3Service temporary not available
4Service temporary not available
5Service temporary not available
6Service temporary not available
7Service temporary not available
8Service temporary not available
9Illegal error code
10Network time-out
100Facility not supported
101Unknown subscriber
102Facility not provided
103Call barred
104Operation barred
105SC congestion
106Facility not supported
107Absent subscriber
108Delivery fail
109Sc congestion
110Protocol error
111MS not equipped
112Unknown SC
113SC congestion
114Illegal MS
115MS not a subscriber
116Error in MS
117SMS lower layer not provisioned
118System fail
119PLMN system failure
120HLR system failure
121VLR system failure
122Previous VLR system failure
123Controlling MSC failure
124Controlling MSC system failure
125VMSC system failure
126EIR system failure
127System failure
159MNP operator not allowed
160Subscriber temporarily unreachable while roaming
161Subscriber busy for MT - Subscriber is currently receiving SMS from another SMSC
162No reply from MS on page request - Device is not responding on MT request
200Error in address service centre
201Invalid absolute Validity Period
202Short message exceeds maximum length
203Unable to Unpack GSM message
204Unable to convert to IA5 alphabet
205Invalid validity period format - please check the format
206Invalid destination address - MSISDN was rejected by the operator
207Duplicate message submit
208Invalid message type indicator
514Retry queue
515No route to destination
516Buffered in SMSC for unknown reason
517SMS blocked due to spam policy
518Destination not allowed
519Destination not supported
601Message length is invalid
602Command length is invalid
603Invalid command ID
604Incorrect bind status
605ESME already in bound state
606Invalid priority flag
607Invalid registered delivery flag
608System error
610Invalid source address
611Invalid destination address
612Invalid message ID
613Bind failed
614Invalid password
615Invalid system ID
617Cancel SM failed
619Replace SM failed
620Message queue full
621Invalid service type
622Insufficient credit in prepaid case
623Service not allowed temporarily if the destination is black listed
624Service not allowed temporarily if the destination is marked as passivate or suspended
625Unknown destination
626Unknown error (internal failure or failure to access external entities)
627The SMSC does not return a message_id in the submit_sm_resp
649Param Retrieve Failed
650Invalid Param
651Invalid number of destinations
664Destination flag is invalid (sm_multi)
666Submit w/replace invalid
667ESM Class is invalid
668Cannot submit to DL
669Submit SM/Multi failed
672Invalid Source TON
673Invalid Source NPI
674Invalid System Type
675Invalid Replace if present flag
676Invalid number of messages
688I/F Throttled Error
691Invalid Scheduled Delivery Time
692Expiry/Validity period is invalid
693Predefined Message Not Found
694ESME RX Reject Message Error Code
695ESME EX Permanent App Error Code
696ESME RX Temporary App Error Code
697Query SM Failed
855Unknown Error
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