Gateway: GW352

Route description
Fixed ID
Status codes
1Absent subscriber (network cannot contact subscriber)
2Handset memory exceeded
3Equipment protocol error
4Equipment not equipped with short-message capability
5Unknown service centre (destination MSC)
6Service centre congestion (Too much inbound traffic at destination network)
7Invalid SME address
8Subscriber is not a SC subscriber (Number belongs to a different destination network but HLR is not updated)
9Unknown subscriber (IMSI is unknown in the HLR)
10Illegal subscriber (The mobile station failed authentication)
11Teleservice not provisioned (Mobile subscription identified by the MSISDN number does not include the short message service)
12Illegal equipment (IMEI check failed, blacklisted or not whitelisted)
13Call barred (Operator barred the MSISDN number)
14Facility not supported (VLR in the PLMN does not support MT short message service)
15Subscriber busy for MT short message
16System failure
17Message waiting list at HLR is full
18Data missing
19Unexpected data value
20Resource limitation at peer / destination network
21TCAP error (Duplicate invoke ID)
22TCAP error (Not supported service)
23TCAP error (Mistyped parameter)
24TCP error (Resource Limitation)
25TCAP error (TCAP initiating release)
26TCAP error (Unexpected response from peer)
27TCAP error (Service completion failure)
28TCAP error (No response from peer)
29TCAP error (Invalid response received)
30Unidentified subscriber
31Service temporary not available
32Illegal error code
33Network timeout
34Operation Barred (From the MNO)
35Delivery fail
36Error in MS
37PLMN system failure
38HLR system failure
39VLR system failure
40Controlling MSC failure (Error in the MSC where the user is located)
41Visited MSC failure (Error in the visited MSC)
42MNP other operator not allowed (MSISDN is ported, delivery via this SMSC not permitted)
43Subscriber temporarily unreachable (While roaming)
44Message store busy
45SME Interface busy
46Closed user group reject
47Network failure
48Deferred Delivery (Message has not been delivered and is part of a deferred delivery schedule)
49Error getting route
50Insufficient credit
51Rejected Destination
52Rejected Unknown Reason
53Rejected due to routing issue
54Rejected due to blocking issue
55Rejected due to no price
56Rejected due to not enough credits
57Rejected due to spam filter
58Rejected due to flooding
62Failure due to submission towards AA19 destination
63Sent to SME but unable to confirm
64Replaced at the SMSC
65Quality service not available
66Error in SMSC
67Rejected by operator due to validity period expiry
68Intermediate state notification that the message has not yet been delivered due to a phone related problem but is being retried.
69Cannot determine whether this message has been delivered or has failed due to lack of final delivery state information from the operator.
70Specific content is not permitted on the network / shortcode
71Subscriber cannot receive adult content because of a parental lock
72Failure due to ported combinations being unreachable.
73Roaming subscriber.
74Failure due to ported combinations being blocked for client (Client has been blacklisted from the ported destination).
75Abort from HLR
76Source address is blacklisted or not supported
77Operation barred
78Facility not provided
79Invalid absolute validity period
80SMS center received
81Invalid PDU format
82Local Cancel (Temporary problem / Lost reach)
83Rejected due to duplicate
84Maximum Connection Reached
85Information Not Available
86Message waiting list full
87Short Term Denial
88Expired due to no final status from supplier
89message replaced by SMSC
90congestion at subscriber
91service rejected
92Error in SME
93Remote procedure error
94Connection rejected by SME
95SM deleted by the sender
96SM deleted by SMSC Admin
97Absent subscriber IMSI detached
98SMS malformed
99DCS inconsistency
100Max submission attempt reached
101Max Time To Live for message reached
102No response from SME
103Max submission attempt reached (finalised before validity period expired)
104Max TTL for message reached (finalised when validity period expired)
105Portability error
106Canceled at SMSC
999Unknown reasoncode received from SMSC
1024IP address not whitelisted
1025More than allowed binds (PDU Error)
1026Not enough credits for your account. (PDU Error)
1027The recipient number is blacklisted (PDU Error)
1028No operator for the recipient. Unknown number prefix. (PDU Error)
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