SMS Billing Denmark (Mobile Payment)

General agreement for mobile content services:

As of May 1st  2010, the following general and operative agreement applies to the market for mobile content services. The Danish rules for subscription services and push services make it very often necessary to discuss if a service is suitable for the Danish market. The agreement has been made between TDC, TeliaSonera, Telenor, 3 (Tre).

"Rammeaftale for mobile indholdstjenester" (In Danish)
English version

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Note: Approximately 30 % of TDC subscribers belong to MVNOs using TDC's network. For these subscribers, the payout from the operator will be lower, 10 % of the ConsumerPrice excl VAT will be deducted from the PaidOutFromOperator value.


Prices for bulk MMS are:
TDC: DKK 1,75
Telenor: DKK 1,50
Tre: DKK 1,30

Please note that only Telenor and Tre are currently supported for MMS.

SMS - pricegroups supported by all operators
(inc VAT)
(exl VAT)
Denmark, TDC, 19804501100DKK 1DKK 0.44
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502100DKK 1DKK 0.3
Denmark, Telia, 19804503100DKK 1DKK 0.3
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504100DKK 1DKK 0.44
Denmark, TDC, 19804501150DKK 1.5DKK 0.74
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502150DKK 1.5DKK 0.6
Denmark, Telia, 19804503150DKK 1.5DKK 0.6
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504150DKK 1.5DKK 0.74
Denmark, TDC, 19804501200DKK 2DKK 1.04
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502200DKK 2DKK 0.9
Denmark, Telia, 19804503200DKK 2DKK 0.9
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504200DKK 2DKK 1.04
Denmark, TDC, 19804501250DKK 2.5DKK 1.34
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502250DKK 2.5DKK 1.2
Denmark, Telia, 19804503250DKK 2.5DKK 1.2
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504250DKK 2.5DKK 1.34
Denmark, TDC, 19804501300DKK 3DKK 1.64
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502300DKK 3DKK 1.5
Denmark, Telia, 19804503300DKK 3DKK 1.5
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504300DKK 3DKK 1.64
Denmark, TDC, 19804501350DKK 3.5DKK 1.94
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502350DKK 3.5DKK 1.8
Denmark, Telia, 19804503350DKK 3.5DKK 1.8
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504350DKK 3.5DKK 1.94
Denmark, TDC, 19804501400DKK 4DKK 2.24
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502400DKK 4DKK 2.1
Denmark, Telia, 19804503400DKK 4DKK 2.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504400DKK 4DKK 2.24
Denmark, TDC, 19804501450DKK 4.5DKK 2.54
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502450DKK 4.5DKK 2.4
Denmark, Telia, 19804503450DKK 4.5DKK 2.4
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504450DKK 4.5DKK 2.54
Denmark, TDC, 19804501500DKK 5DKK 2.84
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502500DKK 5DKK 2.7
Denmark, Telia, 19804503500DKK 5DKK 2.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504500DKK 5DKK 2.84
Denmark, TDC, 19804501550DKK 5.5DKK 3.14
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502550DKK 5.5DKK 3
Denmark, Telia, 19804503550DKK 5.5DKK 3
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504550DKK 5.5DKK 3.14
Denmark, TDC, 19804501600DKK 6DKK 3.44
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502600DKK 6DKK 3.3
Denmark, Telia, 19804503600DKK 6DKK 3.3
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504600DKK 6DKK 3.44
Denmark, TDC, 19804501650DKK 6.5DKK 3.74
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502650DKK 6.5DKK 3.6
Denmark, Telia, 19804503650DKK 6.5DKK 3.6
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504650DKK 6.5DKK 3.74
Denmark, TDC, 19804501700DKK 7DKK 4.04
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502700DKK 7DKK 3.9
Denmark, Telia, 19804503700DKK 7DKK 3.9
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504700DKK 7DKK 4.04
Denmark, TDC, 19804501750DKK 7.5DKK 4.34
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502750DKK 7.5DKK 4.2
Denmark, Telia, 19804503750DKK 7.5DKK 4.2
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504750DKK 7.5DKK 4.34
Denmark, TDC, 19804501800DKK 8DKK 4.64
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502800DKK 8DKK 4.5
Denmark, Telia, 19804503800DKK 8DKK 4.5
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504800DKK 8DKK 4.64
Denmark, TDC, 19804501850DKK 8.5DKK 4.94
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502850DKK 8.5DKK 4.8
Denmark, Telia, 19804503850DKK 8.5DKK 4.8
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504850DKK 8.5DKK 4.94
Denmark, TDC, 19804501900DKK 9DKK 5.24
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502900DKK 9DKK 5.1
Denmark, Telia, 19804503900DKK 9DKK 5.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504900DKK 9DKK 5.24
Denmark, TDC, 19804501950DKK 9.5DKK 5.54
Denmark, Telenor, 19804502950DKK 9.5DKK 5.4
Denmark, Telia, 19804503950DKK 9.5DKK 5.4
Denmark, Hi3G, 19804504950DKK 9.5DKK 5.54
Denmark, TDC, 198045011000DKK 10DKK 5.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045021000DKK 10DKK 5.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045031000DKK 10DKK 5.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045041000DKK 10DKK 5.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045011100DKK 11DKK 6.44
Denmark, Telenor, 198045021100DKK 11DKK 6.3
Denmark, Telia, 198045031100DKK 11DKK 6.3
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045041100DKK 11DKK 6.44
Denmark, TDC, 198045011200DKK 12DKK 7.04
Denmark, Telenor, 198045021200DKK 12DKK 6.9
Denmark, Telia, 198045031200DKK 12DKK 6.9
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045041200DKK 12DKK 7.04
Denmark, TDC, 198045011300DKK 13DKK 7.64
Denmark, Telenor, 198045021300DKK 13DKK 7.5
Denmark, Telia, 198045031300DKK 13DKK 7.5
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045041300DKK 13DKK 7.64
Denmark, TDC, 198045011400DKK 14DKK 8.24
Denmark, Telenor, 198045021400DKK 14DKK 8.1
Denmark, Telia, 198045031400DKK 14DKK 8.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045041400DKK 14DKK 8.24
Denmark, TDC, 198045011500DKK 15DKK 8.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045021500DKK 15DKK 8.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045031500DKK 15DKK 8.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045041500DKK 15DKK 8.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045011600DKK 16DKK 9.44
Denmark, Telenor, 198045021600DKK 16DKK 9.3
Denmark, Telia, 198045031600DKK 16DKK 9.3
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045041600DKK 16DKK 9.44
Denmark, TDC, 198045011700DKK 17DKK 10.04
Denmark, Telenor, 198045021700DKK 17DKK 9.9
Denmark, Telia, 198045031700DKK 17DKK 9.9
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045041700DKK 17DKK 10.04
Denmark, TDC, 198045011800DKK 18DKK 10.64
Denmark, Telenor, 198045021800DKK 18DKK 10.5
Denmark, Telia, 198045031800DKK 18DKK 10.5
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045041800DKK 18DKK 10.64
Denmark, TDC, 198045011900DKK 19DKK 11.24
Denmark, Telenor, 198045021900DKK 19DKK 11.1
Denmark, Telia, 198045031900DKK 19DKK 11.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045041900DKK 19DKK 11.24
Denmark, TDC, 198045012000DKK 20DKK 11.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045022000DKK 20DKK 11.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045032000DKK 20DKK 11.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045042000DKK 20DKK 11.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045012100DKK 21DKK 12.44
Denmark, Telenor, 198045022100DKK 21DKK 12.3
Denmark, Telia, 198045032100DKK 21DKK 12.3
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045042100DKK 21DKK 12.44
Denmark, TDC, 198045012200DKK 22DKK 13.04
Denmark, Telenor, 198045022200DKK 22DKK 12.9
Denmark, Telia, 198045032200DKK 22DKK 12.9
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045042200DKK 22DKK 13.04
Denmark, TDC, 198045012300DKK 23DKK 13.64
Denmark, Telenor, 198045022300DKK 23DKK 13.5
Denmark, Telia, 198045032300DKK 23DKK 13.5
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045042300DKK 23DKK 13.64
Denmark, TDC, 198045012400DKK 24DKK 14.24
Denmark, Telenor, 198045022400DKK 24DKK 14.1
Denmark, Telia, 198045032400DKK 24DKK 14.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045042400DKK 24DKK 14.24
Denmark, TDC, 198045012500DKK 25DKK 14.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045022500DKK 25DKK 14.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045032500DKK 25DKK 14.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045042500DKK 25DKK 14.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045012600DKK 26DKK 15.44
Denmark, Telenor, 198045022600DKK 26DKK 15.3
Denmark, Telia, 198045032600DKK 26DKK 15.3
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045042600DKK 26DKK 15.44
Denmark, TDC, 198045012700DKK 27DKK 16.04
Denmark, Telenor, 198045022700DKK 27DKK 15.9
Denmark, Telia, 198045032700DKK 27DKK 15.9
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045042700DKK 27DKK 16.04
Denmark, TDC, 198045012800DKK 28DKK 16.64
Denmark, Telenor, 198045022800DKK 28DKK 16.5
Denmark, Telia, 198045032800DKK 28DKK 16.5
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045042800DKK 28DKK 16.64
Denmark, TDC, 198045012900DKK 29DKK 17.24
Denmark, Telenor, 198045022900DKK 29DKK 17.1
Denmark, Telia, 198045032900DKK 29DKK 17.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045042900DKK 29DKK 17.24
Denmark, TDC, 198045013000DKK 30DKK 17.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045023000DKK 30DKK 17.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045033000DKK 30DKK 17.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045043000DKK 30DKK 17.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045013500DKK 35DKK 20.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045023500DKK 35DKK 20.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045033500DKK 35DKK 20.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045043500DKK 35DKK 20.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045013900DKK 39DKK 23.24
Denmark, Telenor, 198045023900DKK 39DKK 23.1
Denmark, Telia, 198045033900DKK 39DKK 23.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045043900DKK 39DKK 23.24
Denmark, TDC, 198045014000DKK 40DKK 23.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045024000DKK 40DKK 23.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045034000DKK 40DKK 23.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045044000DKK 40DKK 23.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045014500DKK 45DKK 26.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045024500DKK 45DKK 26.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045034500DKK 45DKK 26.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045044500DKK 45DKK 26.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045014900DKK 49DKK 29.24
Denmark, Telenor, 198045024900DKK 49DKK 29.1
Denmark, Telia, 198045034900DKK 49DKK 29.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045044900DKK 49DKK 29.24
Denmark, TDC, 198045015000DKK 50DKK 29.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045025000DKK 50DKK 29.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045035000DKK 50DKK 29.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045045000DKK 50DKK 29.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045015500DKK 55DKK 32.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045025500DKK 55DKK 32.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045035500DKK 55DKK 32.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045045500DKK 55DKK 32.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045015900DKK 59DKK 35.24
Denmark, Telenor, 198045025900DKK 59DKK 35.1
Denmark, Telia, 198045035900DKK 59DKK 35.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045045900DKK 59DKK 35.24
Denmark, TDC, 198045016000DKK 60DKK 35.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045026000DKK 60DKK 35.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045036000DKK 60DKK 35.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045046000DKK 60DKK 35.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045016500DKK 65DKK 38.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045026500DKK 65DKK 38.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045036500DKK 65DKK 38.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045046500DKK 65DKK 38.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045016900DKK 69DKK 41.24
Denmark, Telenor, 198045026900DKK 69DKK 41.1
Denmark, Telia, 198045036900DKK 69DKK 41.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045046900DKK 69DKK 41.24
Denmark, TDC, 198045017000DKK 70DKK 41.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045027000DKK 70DKK 41.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045037000DKK 70DKK 41.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045047000DKK 70DKK 41.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045017500DKK 75DKK 44.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045027500DKK 75DKK 44.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045037500DKK 75DKK 44.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045047500DKK 75DKK 44.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045017900DKK 79DKK 47.24
Denmark, Telenor, 198045027900DKK 79DKK 47.1
Denmark, Telia, 198045037900DKK 79DKK 47.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045047900DKK 79DKK 47.24
Denmark, TDC, 198045018000DKK 80DKK 47.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045028000DKK 80DKK 47.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045038000DKK 80DKK 47.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045048000DKK 80DKK 47.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045018900DKK 89DKK 53.24
Denmark, Telenor, 198045028900DKK 89DKK 53.1
Denmark, Telia, 198045038900DKK 89DKK 53.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045048900DKK 89DKK 53.24
Denmark, TDC, 198045019000DKK 90DKK 53.84
Denmark, Telenor, 198045029000DKK 90DKK 53.7
Denmark, Telia, 198045039000DKK 90DKK 53.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045049000DKK 90DKK 53.84
Denmark, TDC, 198045019900DKK 99DKK 59.24
Denmark, Telenor, 198045029900DKK 99DKK 59.1
Denmark, Telia, 198045039900DKK 99DKK 59.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045049900DKK 99DKK 59.24
Denmark, TDC, 1980450110000DKK 100DKK 59.84
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450210000DKK 100DKK 59.7
Denmark, Telia, 1980450310000DKK 100DKK 59.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450410000DKK 100DKK 59.84
Denmark, TDC, 1980450110900DKK 109DKK 65.24
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450210900DKK 109DKK 65.1
Denmark, Telia, 1980450310900DKK 109DKK 65.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450410900DKK 109DKK 65.24
Denmark, TDC, 1980450111000DKK 110DKK 65.84
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450211000DKK 110DKK 65.7
Denmark, Telia, 1980450311000DKK 110DKK 65.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450411000DKK 110DKK 65.84
Denmark, TDC, 1980450111900DKK 119DKK 71.24
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450211900DKK 119DKK 71.1
Denmark, Telia, 1980450311900DKK 119DKK 71.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450411900DKK 119DKK 71.24
Denmark, TDC, 1980450112000DKK 120DKK 71.84
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450212000DKK 120DKK 71.7
Denmark, Telia, 1980450312000DKK 120DKK 71.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450412000DKK 120DKK 71.84
Denmark, TDC, 1980450112900DKK 129DKK 77.24
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450212900DKK 129DKK 77.1
Denmark, Telia, 1980450312900DKK 129DKK 77.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450412900DKK 129DKK 77.24
Denmark, TDC, 1980450113000DKK 130DKK 77.84
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450213000DKK 130DKK 77.7
Denmark, Telia, 1980450313000DKK 130DKK 77.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450413000DKK 130DKK 77.84
Denmark, TDC, 1980450113900DKK 139DKK 83.24
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450213900DKK 139DKK 83.1
Denmark, Telia, 1980450313900DKK 139DKK 83.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450413900DKK 139DKK 83.24
Denmark, TDC, 1980450114000DKK 140DKK 83.84
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450214000DKK 140DKK 83.7
Denmark, Telia, 1980450314000DKK 140DKK 83.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450414000DKK 140DKK 83.84
Denmark, TDC, 1980450114900DKK 149DKK 89.24
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450214900DKK 149DKK 89.1
Denmark, Telia, 1980450314900DKK 149DKK 89.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450414900DKK 149DKK 89.24
Denmark, TDC, 1980450115000DKK 150DKK 89.84
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450215000DKK 150DKK 89.7
Denmark, Telia, 1980450315000DKK 150DKK 89.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450415000DKK 150DKK 89.84
Denmark, TDC, 1980450115900DKK 159DKK 95.24
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450215900DKK 159DKK 95.1
Denmark, Telia, 1980450315900DKK 159DKK 95.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450415900DKK 159DKK 95.24
Denmark, TDC, 1980450116000DKK 160DKK 95.84
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450216000DKK 160DKK 95.7
Denmark, Telia, 1980450316000DKK 160DKK 95.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450416000DKK 160DKK 95.84
Denmark, TDC, 1980450116900DKK 169DKK 101.24
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450216900DKK 169DKK 101.1
Denmark, Telia, 1980450316900DKK 169DKK 101.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450416900DKK 169DKK 101.24
Denmark, TDC, 1980450117000DKK 170DKK 101.84
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450217000DKK 170DKK 101.7
Denmark, Telia, 1980450317000DKK 170DKK 101.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450417000DKK 170DKK 101.84
Denmark, TDC, 1980450117900DKK 179DKK 107.24
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450217900DKK 179DKK 107.1
Denmark, Telia, 1980450317900DKK 179DKK 107.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450417900DKK 179DKK 107.24
Denmark, TDC, 1980450118000DKK 180DKK 107.84
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450218000DKK 180DKK 107.7
Denmark, Telia, 1980450318000DKK 180DKK 107.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450418000DKK 180DKK 107.84
Denmark, TDC, 1980450118900DKK 189DKK 113.24
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450218900DKK 189DKK 113.1
Denmark, Telia, 1980450318900DKK 189DKK 113.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450418900DKK 189DKK 113.24
Denmark, TDC, 1980450119000DKK 190DKK 113.84
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450219000DKK 190DKK 113.7
Denmark, Telia, 1980450319000DKK 190DKK 113.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450419000DKK 190DKK 113.84
Denmark, TDC, 1980450119900DKK 199DKK 119.24
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450219900DKK 199DKK 119.1
Denmark, Telia, 1980450319900DKK 199DKK 119.1
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450419900DKK 199DKK 119.24
Denmark, TDC, 1980450120000DKK 200DKK 119.84
Denmark, Telenor, 1980450220000DKK 200DKK 119.7
Denmark, Telia, 1980450320000DKK 200DKK 119.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450420000DKK 200DKK 119.84
SMS - pricegroups partly supported
(inc VAT)
(exl VAT)
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045043100DKK 31DKK 18.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045043200DKK 32DKK 19.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045043300DKK 33DKK 19.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045043400DKK 34DKK 20.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045043600DKK 36DKK 21.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045043700DKK 37DKK 22.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045043800DKK 38DKK 22.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045044100DKK 41DKK 24.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045044200DKK 42DKK 25.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045044300DKK 43DKK 25.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045044400DKK 44DKK 26.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045044600DKK 46DKK 27.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045044700DKK 47DKK 28.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045044800DKK 48DKK 28.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045045100DKK 51DKK 30.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045045200DKK 52DKK 31.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045045300DKK 53DKK 31.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045045400DKK 54DKK 32.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045045600DKK 56DKK 33.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045045700DKK 57DKK 34.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045045800DKK 58DKK 34.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045046100DKK 61DKK 36.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045046200DKK 62DKK 37.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045046300DKK 63DKK 37.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045046400DKK 64DKK 38.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045046600DKK 66DKK 39.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045046700DKK 67DKK 40.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045046800DKK 68DKK 40.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045047100DKK 71DKK 42.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045047200DKK 72DKK 43.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045047300DKK 73DKK 43.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045047400DKK 74DKK 44.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045047600DKK 76DKK 45.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045047700DKK 77DKK 46.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045047800DKK 78DKK 46.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045048100DKK 81DKK 48.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045048200DKK 82DKK 49.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045048300DKK 83DKK 49.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045048400DKK 84DKK 50.24
Denmark, TDC, 198045018500DKK 85DKK 50.84
Denmark, Telia, 198045038500DKK 85DKK 50.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045048500DKK 85DKK 50.84
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045048600DKK 86DKK 51.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045048700DKK 87DKK 52.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045048800DKK 88DKK 52.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045049100DKK 91DKK 54.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045049200DKK 92DKK 55.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045049300DKK 93DKK 55.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045049400DKK 94DKK 56.24
Denmark, TDC, 198045019500DKK 95DKK 56.84
Denmark, Telia, 198045039500DKK 95DKK 56.7
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045049500DKK 95DKK 56.84
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045049600DKK 96DKK 57.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045049700DKK 97DKK 58.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 198045049800DKK 98DKK 58.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450410100DKK 101DKK 60.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450410200DKK 102DKK 61.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450410300DKK 103DKK 61.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450410400DKK 104DKK 62.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450410500DKK 105DKK 62.84
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450410600DKK 106DKK 63.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450410700DKK 107DKK 64.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450410800DKK 108DKK 64.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450411100DKK 111DKK 66.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450411200DKK 112DKK 67.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450411300DKK 113DKK 67.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450411400DKK 114DKK 68.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450411500DKK 115DKK 68.84
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450411600DKK 116DKK 69.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450411700DKK 117DKK 70.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450411800DKK 118DKK 70.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450412100DKK 121DKK 72.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450412200DKK 122DKK 73.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450412300DKK 123DKK 73.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450412400DKK 124DKK 74.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450412500DKK 125DKK 74.84
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450412600DKK 126DKK 75.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450412700DKK 127DKK 76.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450412800DKK 128DKK 76.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450413100DKK 131DKK 78.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450413200DKK 132DKK 79.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450413300DKK 133DKK 79.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450413400DKK 134DKK 80.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450413500DKK 135DKK 80.84
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450413600DKK 136DKK 81.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450413700DKK 137DKK 82.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450413800DKK 138DKK 82.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450414100DKK 141DKK 84.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450414200DKK 142DKK 85.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450414300DKK 143DKK 85.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450414400DKK 144DKK 86.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450414500DKK 145DKK 86.84
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450414600DKK 146DKK 87.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450414700DKK 147DKK 88.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450414800DKK 148DKK 88.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450415100DKK 151DKK 90.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450415200DKK 152DKK 91.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450415300DKK 153DKK 91.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450415400DKK 154DKK 92.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450415500DKK 155DKK 92.84
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450415600DKK 156DKK 93.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450415700DKK 157DKK 94.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450415800DKK 158DKK 94.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450416100DKK 161DKK 96.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450416200DKK 162DKK 97.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450416300DKK 163DKK 97.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450416400DKK 164DKK 98.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450416500DKK 165DKK 98.84
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450416600DKK 166DKK 99.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450416700DKK 167DKK 100.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450416800DKK 168DKK 100.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450417100DKK 171DKK 102.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450417200DKK 172DKK 103.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450417300DKK 173DKK 103.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450417400DKK 174DKK 104.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450417500DKK 175DKK 104.84
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450417600DKK 176DKK 105.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450417700DKK 177DKK 106.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450417800DKK 178DKK 106.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450418100DKK 181DKK 108.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450418200DKK 182DKK 109.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450418300DKK 183DKK 109.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450418400DKK 184DKK 110.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450418500DKK 185DKK 110.84
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450418600DKK 186DKK 111.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450418700DKK 187DKK 112.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450418800DKK 188DKK 112.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450419100DKK 191DKK 114.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450419200DKK 192DKK 115.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450419300DKK 193DKK 115.64
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450419400DKK 194DKK 116.24
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450419500DKK 195DKK 116.84
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450419600DKK 196DKK 117.44
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450419700DKK 197DKK 118.04
Denmark, Hi3G, 1980450419800DKK 198DKK 118.64

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