SMS Billing Norway (Mobile Payment)


Short-code: 1963, 2065

Ethical rules for SMS premium services in Norway

Important information: CPA guidelines, click here.

These guidelines applies to all operators in Norway.

Cut of net revenue

80% for gross amount NOK 0 - NOK 100 000 each month.
90% for gross amount above NOK 100 000 each month

Example: NOK 150 000 turnover gross in one month in Norway will give 80% for the first 100 000 and 90% for NOK 50 000.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Prices for bulk MMS are:
Telenor: NOK 1,25
Netcom: NOK 0,80 + NOK 0,01 per kilobyte
Tele2: NOK 1,65
Network Norway (currently not supported): NOK 1,65

For premium MMS, see the table for MMS outpayments below - revenue is calculated the same way as for SMS (see above). Note that for NetCom, a fee of NOK 0,01 per kilobyte has to be subtracted from the amount paid out by the operator. Note that MMS support for Network Norway is currently not implemented.

SMS - pricegroups partly supported
(inc VAT)
(exl VAT)
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1100NOK 1NOK 0.36
Norway, Netcom (1963)2100NOK 1NOK 0.36
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3100NOK 1NOK 0.3
Norway, Ventelo, 19634100NOK 1NOK 0.36
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635100NOK 1NOK 0.3
Norway, TDC, 19636100NOK 1NOK 0.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1150NOK 1.5NOK 0.65
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3150NOK 1.5NOK 0.9
Norway, Ventelo, 19634150NOK 1.5NOK 0.65
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635150NOK 1.5NOK 0.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1200NOK 2NOK 0.93
Norway, Netcom (1963)2200NOK 2NOK 0.92
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3200NOK 2NOK 0.6
Norway, Ventelo, 19634200NOK 2NOK 0.93
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635200NOK 2NOK 0.9
Norway, TDC, 19636200NOK 2NOK 1.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1300NOK 3NOK 1.5
Norway, Netcom (1963)2300NOK 3NOK 1.49
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3300NOK 3NOK 1.5
Norway, Ventelo, 19634300NOK 3NOK 1.5
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635300NOK 3NOK 1.5
Norway, TDC, 19636300NOK 3NOK 1.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1400NOK 4NOK 2.07
Norway, Netcom (1963)2400NOK 4NOK 2.06
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3400NOK 4NOK 2.1
Norway, Ventelo, 19634400NOK 4NOK 2.07
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635400NOK 4NOK 2.1
Norway, TDC, 19636400NOK 4NOK 2.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1500NOK 5NOK 2.63
Norway, Netcom (1963)2500NOK 5NOK 2.62
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3500NOK 5NOK 2.7
Norway, Ventelo, 19634500NOK 5NOK 2.63
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635500NOK 5NOK 2.7
Norway, TDC, 19636500NOK 5NOK 3
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1600NOK 6NOK 3.2
Norway, Netcom (1963)2600NOK 6NOK 3.19
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3600NOK 6NOK 3.3
Norway, Ventelo, 19634600NOK 6NOK 3.2
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635600NOK 6NOK 3.3
Norway, TDC, 19636600NOK 6NOK 3.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1650NOK 6.5NOK 3.49
Norway, Ventelo, 19634650NOK 6.5NOK 3.49
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635650NOK 6.5NOK 3.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1700NOK 7NOK 3.77
Norway, Netcom (1963)2700NOK 7NOK 3.76
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3700NOK 7NOK 3.9
Norway, Ventelo, 19634700NOK 7NOK 3.77
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635700NOK 7NOK 3.9
Norway, TDC, 19636700NOK 7NOK 4.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1800NOK 8NOK 4.34
Norway, Netcom (1963)2800NOK 8NOK 4.33
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3800NOK 8NOK 4.5
Norway, Ventelo, 19634800NOK 8NOK 4.34
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635800NOK 8NOK 4.5
Norway, TDC, 19636800NOK 8NOK 4.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1900NOK 9NOK 4.91
Norway, Netcom (1963)2900NOK 9NOK 4.89
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3900NOK 9NOK 5.1
Norway, Ventelo, 19634900NOK 9NOK 4.91
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635900NOK 9NOK 5.1
Norway, TDC, 19636900NOK 9NOK 5.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11000NOK 10NOK 5.47
Norway, Netcom (1963)21000NOK 10NOK 5.46
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31000NOK 10NOK 5.7
Norway, Ventelo, 196341000NOK 10NOK 5.47
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351000NOK 10NOK 5.7
Norway, TDC, 196361000NOK 10NOK 6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11100NOK 11NOK 6.04
Norway, Netcom (1963)21100NOK 11NOK 6.03
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31100NOK 11NOK 6.3
Norway, Ventelo, 196341100NOK 11NOK 6.04
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351100NOK 11NOK 6.3
Norway, TDC, 196361100NOK 11NOK 6.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11200NOK 12NOK 6.61
Norway, Netcom (1963)21200NOK 12NOK 6.59
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31200NOK 12NOK 6.9
Norway, Ventelo, 196341200NOK 12NOK 6.61
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351200NOK 12NOK 6.9
Norway, TDC, 196361200NOK 12NOK 7.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11300NOK 13NOK 7.18
Norway, Netcom (1963)21300NOK 13NOK 7.16
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31300NOK 13NOK 7.5
Norway, Ventelo, 196341300NOK 13NOK 7.18
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351300NOK 13NOK 7.5
Norway, TDC, 196361300NOK 13NOK 7.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11400NOK 14NOK 7.75
Norway, Netcom (1963)21400NOK 14NOK 7.73
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31400NOK 14NOK 8.1
Norway, Ventelo, 196341400NOK 14NOK 7.75
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351400NOK 14NOK 8.1
Norway, TDC, 196361400NOK 14NOK 8.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11500NOK 15NOK 8.31
Norway, Netcom (1963)21500NOK 15NOK 8.3
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31500NOK 15NOK 8.7
Norway, Ventelo, 196341500NOK 15NOK 8.31
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351500NOK 15NOK 8.7
Norway, TDC, 196361500NOK 15NOK 9
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11600NOK 16NOK 8.88
Norway, Netcom (1963)21600NOK 16NOK 8.86
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31600NOK 16NOK 9.3
Norway, Ventelo, 196341600NOK 16NOK 8.88
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351600NOK 16NOK 9.3
Norway, TDC, 196361600NOK 16NOK 9.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11700NOK 17NOK 9.45
Norway, Netcom (1963)21700NOK 17NOK 9.43
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31700NOK 17NOK 9.9
Norway, Ventelo, 196341700NOK 17NOK 9.45
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351700NOK 17NOK 9.9
Norway, TDC, 196361700NOK 17NOK 10.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11800NOK 18NOK 10.02
Norway, Netcom (1963)21800NOK 18NOK 10
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31800NOK 18NOK 10.5
Norway, Ventelo, 196341800NOK 18NOK 10.02
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351800NOK 18NOK 10.5
Norway, TDC, 196361800NOK 18NOK 10.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11900NOK 19NOK 10.59
Norway, Netcom (1963)21900NOK 19NOK 10.56
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31900NOK 19NOK 11.1
Norway, Ventelo, 196341900NOK 19NOK 10.59
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351900NOK 19NOK 11.1
Norway, TDC, 196361900NOK 19NOK 11.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12000NOK 20NOK 11.15
Norway, Netcom (1963)22000NOK 20NOK 11.13
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32000NOK 20NOK 11.7
Norway, Ventelo, 196342000NOK 20NOK 11.15
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352000NOK 20NOK 11.7
Norway, TDC, 196362000NOK 20NOK 12
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12100NOK 21NOK 11.72
Norway, Netcom (1963)22100NOK 21NOK 11.7
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32100NOK 21NOK 12.3
Norway, Ventelo, 196342100NOK 21NOK 11.72
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352100NOK 21NOK 12.3
Norway, TDC, 196362100NOK 21NOK 12.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12200NOK 22NOK 12.29
Norway, Netcom (1963)22200NOK 22NOK 12.27
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32200NOK 22NOK 12.9
Norway, Ventelo, 196342200NOK 22NOK 12.29
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352200NOK 22NOK 12.9
Norway, TDC, 196362200NOK 22NOK 13.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12300NOK 23NOK 12.86
Norway, Netcom (1963)22300NOK 23NOK 12.83
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32300NOK 23NOK 13.5
Norway, Ventelo, 196342300NOK 23NOK 12.86
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352300NOK 23NOK 13.5
Norway, TDC, 196362300NOK 23NOK 13.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12400NOK 24NOK 13.43
Norway, Netcom (1963)22400NOK 24NOK 13.4
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32400NOK 24NOK 14.1
Norway, Ventelo, 196342400NOK 24NOK 13.43
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352400NOK 24NOK 14.1
Norway, TDC, 196362400NOK 24NOK 14.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12500NOK 25NOK 13.99
Norway, Netcom (1963)22500NOK 25NOK 13.97
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32500NOK 25NOK 14.7
Norway, Ventelo, 196342500NOK 25NOK 13.99
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352500NOK 25NOK 14.7
Norway, TDC, 196362500NOK 25NOK 15
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12600NOK 26NOK 14.56
Norway, Netcom (1963)22600NOK 26NOK 14.54
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32600NOK 26NOK 15.3
Norway, Ventelo, 196342600NOK 26NOK 14.56
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352600NOK 26NOK 15.3
Norway, TDC, 196362600NOK 26NOK 15.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12700NOK 27NOK 15.13
Norway, Netcom (1963)22700NOK 27NOK 15.1
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32700NOK 27NOK 15.9
Norway, Ventelo, 196342700NOK 27NOK 15.13
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352700NOK 27NOK 15.9
Norway, TDC, 196362700NOK 27NOK 16.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12800NOK 28NOK 15.7
Norway, Netcom (1963)22800NOK 28NOK 15.67
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32800NOK 28NOK 16.5
Norway, Ventelo, 196342800NOK 28NOK 15.7
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352800NOK 28NOK 16.5
Norway, TDC, 196362800NOK 28NOK 16.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12900NOK 29NOK 16.27
Norway, Netcom (1963)22900NOK 29NOK 16.24
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32900NOK 29NOK 17.1
Norway, Ventelo, 196342900NOK 29NOK 16.27
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352900NOK 29NOK 17.1
Norway, TDC, 196362900NOK 29NOK 17.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13000NOK 30NOK 16.83
Norway, Netcom (1963)23000NOK 30NOK 16.8
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33000NOK 30NOK 17.7
Norway, Ventelo, 196343000NOK 30NOK 16.83
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353000NOK 30NOK 17.7
Norway, TDC, 196363000NOK 30NOK 18
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13100NOK 31NOK 17.4
Norway, Netcom (1963)23100NOK 31NOK 17.37
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33100NOK 31NOK 18.3
Norway, Ventelo, 196343100NOK 31NOK 17.4
Norway, TDC, 196363100NOK 31NOK 18.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13200NOK 32NOK 17.97
Norway, Netcom (1963)23200NOK 32NOK 17.94
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33200NOK 32NOK 18.9
Norway, Ventelo, 196343200NOK 32NOK 17.97
Norway, TDC, 196363200NOK 32NOK 19.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13300NOK 33NOK 18.54
Norway, Netcom (1963)23300NOK 33NOK 18.51
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33300NOK 33NOK 19.5
Norway, Ventelo, 196343300NOK 33NOK 18.54
Norway, TDC, 196363300NOK 33NOK 19.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13400NOK 34NOK 19.11
Norway, Netcom (1963)23400NOK 34NOK 19.07
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33400NOK 34NOK 20.1
Norway, Ventelo, 196343400NOK 34NOK 19.11
Norway, TDC, 196363400NOK 34NOK 20.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13500NOK 35NOK 19.67
Norway, Netcom (1963)23500NOK 35NOK 19.64
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33500NOK 35NOK 20.7
Norway, Ventelo, 196343500NOK 35NOK 19.67
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353500NOK 35NOK 20.7
Norway, TDC, 196363500NOK 35NOK 21
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13600NOK 36NOK 20.24
Norway, Netcom (1963)23600NOK 36NOK 20.21
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33600NOK 36NOK 21.3
Norway, Ventelo, 196343600NOK 36NOK 20.24
Norway, TDC, 196363600NOK 36NOK 21.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13700NOK 37NOK 20.81
Norway, Netcom (1963)23700NOK 37NOK 20.77
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33700NOK 37NOK 21.9
Norway, Ventelo, 196343700NOK 37NOK 20.81
Norway, TDC, 196363700NOK 37NOK 22.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13800NOK 38NOK 21.38
Norway, Netcom (1963)23800NOK 38NOK 21.34
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33800NOK 38NOK 22.5
Norway, Ventelo, 196343800NOK 38NOK 21.38
Norway, TDC, 196363800NOK 38NOK 22.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13900NOK 39NOK 21.95
Norway, Netcom (1963)23900NOK 39NOK 21.91
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33900NOK 39NOK 23.1
Norway, Ventelo, 196343900NOK 39NOK 21.95
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353900NOK 39NOK 23.1
Norway, TDC, 196363900NOK 39NOK 23.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14000NOK 40NOK 22.51
Norway, Netcom (1963)24000NOK 40NOK 22.48
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34000NOK 40NOK 23.7
Norway, Ventelo, 196344000NOK 40NOK 22.52
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354000NOK 40NOK 23.7
Norway, TDC, 196364000NOK 40NOK 24
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14100NOK 41NOK 23.08
Norway, Netcom (1963)24100NOK 41NOK 23.04
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34100NOK 41NOK 24.3
Norway, Ventelo, 196344100NOK 41NOK 23.08
Norway, TDC, 196364100NOK 41NOK 24.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14200NOK 42NOK 23.65
Norway, Netcom (1963)24200NOK 42NOK 23.61
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34200NOK 42NOK 24.9
Norway, Ventelo, 196344200NOK 42NOK 23.65
Norway, TDC, 196364200NOK 42NOK 25.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14300NOK 43NOK 24.22
Norway, Netcom (1963)24300NOK 43NOK 24.18
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34300NOK 43NOK 25.5
Norway, Ventelo, 196344300NOK 43NOK 24.22
Norway, TDC, 196364300NOK 43NOK 25.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14400NOK 44NOK 24.79
Norway, Netcom (1963)24400NOK 44NOK 24.74
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34400NOK 44NOK 26.1
Norway, Ventelo, 196344400NOK 44NOK 24.79
Norway, TDC, 196364400NOK 44NOK 26.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14500NOK 45NOK 25.35
Norway, Netcom (1963)24500NOK 45NOK 25.31
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34500NOK 45NOK 26.7
Norway, Ventelo, 196344500NOK 45NOK 25.35
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354500NOK 45NOK 26.7
Norway, TDC, 196364500NOK 45NOK 27
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14600NOK 46NOK 25.92
Norway, Netcom (1963)24600NOK 46NOK 25.88
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34600NOK 46NOK 27.3
Norway, Ventelo, 196344600NOK 46NOK 25.92
Norway, TDC, 196364600NOK 46NOK 27.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14700NOK 47NOK 26.49
Norway, Netcom (1963)24700NOK 47NOK 26.45
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34700NOK 47NOK 27.9
Norway, Ventelo, 196344700NOK 47NOK 26.49
Norway, TDC, 196364700NOK 47NOK 28.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14800NOK 48NOK 27.06
Norway, Netcom (1963)24800NOK 48NOK 27.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34800NOK 48NOK 28.5
Norway, Ventelo, 196344800NOK 48NOK 27.06
Norway, TDC, 196364800NOK 48NOK 28.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14900NOK 49NOK 27.63
Norway, Netcom (1963)24900NOK 49NOK 27.58
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34900NOK 49NOK 29.1
Norway, Ventelo, 196344900NOK 49NOK 27.62
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354900NOK 49NOK 29.1
Norway, TDC, 196364900NOK 49NOK 29.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15000NOK 50NOK 28.19
Norway, Netcom (1963)25000NOK 50NOK 28.21
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35000NOK 50NOK 29.7
Norway, Ventelo, 196345000NOK 50NOK 28.2
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355000NOK 50NOK 29.7
Norway, TDC, 196365000NOK 50NOK 30
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15100NOK 51NOK 28.76
Norway, Netcom (1963)25100NOK 51NOK 28.95
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35100NOK 51NOK 30.3
Norway, Ventelo, 196345100NOK 51NOK 28.76
Norway, TDC, 196365100NOK 51NOK 30.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15200NOK 52NOK 29.33
Norway, Netcom (1963)25200NOK 52NOK 29.68
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35200NOK 52NOK 30.9
Norway, Ventelo, 196345200NOK 52NOK 29.33
Norway, TDC, 196365200NOK 52NOK 31.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15300NOK 53NOK 29.9
Norway, Netcom (1963)25300NOK 53NOK 30.42
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35300NOK 53NOK 31.5
Norway, Ventelo, 196345300NOK 53NOK 29.9
Norway, TDC, 196365300NOK 53NOK 31.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15400NOK 54NOK 30.47
Norway, Netcom (1963)25400NOK 54NOK 31.16
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35400NOK 54NOK 32.1
Norway, Ventelo, 196345400NOK 54NOK 30.46
Norway, TDC, 196365400NOK 54NOK 32.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15500NOK 55NOK 31.03
Norway, Netcom (1963)25500NOK 55NOK 31.9
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35500NOK 55NOK 32.7
Norway, Ventelo, 196345500NOK 55NOK 31.03
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355500NOK 55NOK 32.7
Norway, TDC, 196365500NOK 55NOK 33
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15600NOK 56NOK 31.6
Norway, Netcom (1963)25600NOK 56NOK 32.64
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35600NOK 56NOK 33.3
Norway, Ventelo, 196345600NOK 56NOK 31.6
Norway, TDC, 196365600NOK 56NOK 33.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15700NOK 57NOK 32.17
Norway, Netcom (1963)25700NOK 57NOK 33.37
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35700NOK 57NOK 33.9
Norway, Ventelo, 196345700NOK 57NOK 32.17
Norway, TDC, 196365700NOK 57NOK 34.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15800NOK 58NOK 32.74
Norway, Netcom (1963)25800NOK 58NOK 34.11
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35800NOK 58NOK 34.5
Norway, Ventelo, 196345800NOK 58NOK 32.74
Norway, TDC, 196365800NOK 58NOK 34.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15900NOK 59NOK 33.31
Norway, Netcom (1963)25900NOK 59NOK 34.85
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35900NOK 59NOK 35.1
Norway, Ventelo, 196345900NOK 59NOK 33.3
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355900NOK 59NOK 35.1
Norway, TDC, 196365900NOK 59NOK 35.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)16000NOK 60NOK 33.87
Norway, Netcom (1963)26000NOK 60NOK 35.59
Norway, Tele2 (1963)36000NOK 60NOK 35.7
Norway, Ventelo, 196346000NOK 60NOK 33.87
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196356000NOK 60NOK 35.7
Norway, TDC, 196366000NOK 60NOK 38.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)16100NOK 61NOK 34.67
Norway, Netcom (1963)26100NOK 61NOK 36.33
Norway, Ventelo, 196346100NOK 61NOK 34.67
Norway, TDC, 196366100NOK 61NOK 39.04
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)16200NOK 62NOK 35.47
Norway, Netcom (1963)26200NOK 62NOK 37.06
Norway, Ventelo, 196346200NOK 62NOK 35.46
Norway, TDC, 196366200NOK 62NOK 39.68
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)16300NOK 63NOK 36.26
Norway, Netcom (1963)26300NOK 63NOK 37.8
Norway, Ventelo, 196346300NOK 63NOK 36.26
Norway, TDC, 196366300NOK 63NOK 40.32
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)16400NOK 64NOK 37.06
Norway, Netcom (1963)26400NOK 64NOK 38.54
Norway, Ventelo, 196346400NOK 64NOK 37.06
Norway, TDC, 196366400NOK 64NOK 40.96
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)16500NOK 65NOK 37.85
Norway, Netcom (1963)26500NOK 65NOK 39.28
Norway, Ventelo, 196346500NOK 65NOK 37.86
Norway, TDC, 196366500NOK 65NOK 41.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)16600NOK 66NOK 38.65
Norway, Netcom (1963)26600NOK 66NOK 40.02
Norway, Ventelo, 196346600NOK 66NOK 38.65
Norway, TDC, 196366600NOK 66NOK 42.24
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)16700NOK 67NOK 39.45
Norway, Netcom (1963)26700NOK 67NOK 40.75
Norway, Ventelo, 196346700NOK 67NOK 39.44
Norway, TDC, 196366700NOK 67NOK 42.88
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)16800NOK 68NOK 40.24
Norway, Netcom (1963)26800NOK 68NOK 41.49
Norway, Ventelo, 196346800NOK 68NOK 40.25
Norway, TDC, 196366800NOK 68NOK 43.52
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)16900NOK 69NOK 41.04
Norway, Netcom (1963)26900NOK 69NOK 42.23
Norway, Tele2 (1963)36900NOK 69NOK 43.86
Norway, Ventelo, 196346900NOK 69NOK 41.04
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196356900NOK 69NOK 43.86
Norway, TDC, 196366900NOK 69NOK 44.16
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)17000NOK 70NOK 41.83
Norway, Netcom (1963)27000NOK 70NOK 42.97
Norway, Tele2 (1963)37000NOK 70NOK 44.5
Norway, Ventelo, 196347000NOK 70NOK 41.83
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196357000NOK 70NOK 44.5
Norway, TDC, 196367000NOK 70NOK 44.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)17100NOK 71NOK 42.63
Norway, Netcom (1963)27100NOK 71NOK 43.71
Norway, Ventelo, 196347100NOK 71NOK 42.63
Norway, TDC, 196367100NOK 71NOK 45.44
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)17200NOK 72NOK 43.43
Norway, Netcom (1963)27200NOK 72NOK 44.44
Norway, Ventelo, 196347200NOK 72NOK 43.42
Norway, TDC, 196367200NOK 72NOK 46.08
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)17300NOK 73NOK 44.22
Norway, Netcom (1963)27300NOK 73NOK 45.18
Norway, Ventelo, 196347300NOK 73NOK 44.22
Norway, TDC, 196367300NOK 73NOK 46.72
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)17400NOK 74NOK 45.02
Norway, Netcom (1963)27400NOK 74NOK 45.92
Norway, Ventelo, 196347400NOK 74NOK 45.02
Norway, TDC, 196367400NOK 74NOK 47.36
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)17500NOK 75NOK 45.82
Norway, Netcom (1963)27500NOK 75NOK 46.66
Norway, Ventelo, 196347500NOK 75NOK 45.82
Norway, TDC, 196367500NOK 75NOK 48
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)17600NOK 76NOK 46.61
Norway, Netcom (1963)27600NOK 76NOK 47.4
Norway, Ventelo, 196347600NOK 76NOK 46.61
Norway, TDC, 196367600NOK 76NOK 48.64
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)17700NOK 77NOK 47.41
Norway, Netcom (1963)27700NOK 77NOK 48.13
Norway, Ventelo, 196347700NOK 77NOK 47.41
Norway, TDC, 196367700NOK 77NOK 49.28
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)17800NOK 78NOK 48.2
Norway, Netcom (1963)27800NOK 78NOK 48.87
Norway, Ventelo, 196347800NOK 78NOK 48.2
Norway, TDC, 196367800NOK 78NOK 49.92
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)17900NOK 79NOK 49
Norway, Netcom (1963)27900NOK 79NOK 49.61
Norway, Tele2 (1963)37900NOK 79NOK 50.26
Norway, Ventelo, 196347900NOK 79NOK 49
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196357900NOK 79NOK 50.26
Norway, TDC, 196367900NOK 79NOK 50.56
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)18000NOK 80NOK 49.8
Norway, Netcom (1963)28000NOK 80NOK 50.35
Norway, Tele2 (1963)38000NOK 80NOK 50.9
Norway, Ventelo, 196348000NOK 80NOK 49.8
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196358000NOK 80NOK 50.9
Norway, TDC, 196368000NOK 80NOK 51.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)18100NOK 81NOK 50.59
Norway, Netcom (1963)28100NOK 81NOK 51.09
Norway, Ventelo, 196348100NOK 81NOK 50.59
Norway, TDC, 196368100NOK 81NOK 51.84
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)18200NOK 82NOK 51.39
Norway, Netcom (1963)28200NOK 82NOK 51.82
Norway, Ventelo, 196348200NOK 82NOK 51.38
Norway, TDC, 196368200NOK 82NOK 52.48
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)18300NOK 83NOK 52.18
Norway, Netcom (1963)28300NOK 83NOK 52.56
Norway, Ventelo, 196348300NOK 83NOK 52.18
Norway, TDC, 196368300NOK 83NOK 53.12
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)18400NOK 84NOK 52.98
Norway, Netcom (1963)28400NOK 84NOK 53.3
Norway, Ventelo, 196348400NOK 84NOK 52.98
Norway, TDC, 196368400NOK 84NOK 53.76
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)18500NOK 85NOK 53.78
Norway, Netcom (1963)28500NOK 85NOK 54.04
Norway, Ventelo, 196348500NOK 85NOK 53.77
Norway, TDC, 196368500NOK 85NOK 54.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)18600NOK 86NOK 54.57
Norway, Netcom (1963)28600NOK 86NOK 54.78
Norway, Ventelo, 196348600NOK 86NOK 54.57
Norway, TDC, 196368600NOK 86NOK 55.04
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)18700NOK 87NOK 55.37
Norway, Netcom (1963)28700NOK 87NOK 55.51
Norway, Ventelo, 196348700NOK 87NOK 55.37
Norway, TDC, 196368700NOK 87NOK 55.68
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)18800NOK 88NOK 56.16
Norway, Netcom (1963)28800NOK 88NOK 56.25
Norway, Ventelo, 196348800NOK 88NOK 56.17
Norway, TDC, 196368800NOK 88NOK 56.32
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)18900NOK 89NOK 56.96
Norway, Netcom (1963)28900NOK 89NOK 56.99
Norway, Tele2 (1963)38900NOK 89NOK 56.66
Norway, Ventelo, 196348900NOK 89NOK 56.96
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196358900NOK 89NOK 56.66
Norway, TDC, 196368900NOK 89NOK 56.96
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)19000NOK 90NOK 57.6
Norway, Netcom (1963)29000NOK 90NOK 57.6
Norway, Tele2 (1963)39000NOK 90NOK 57.3
Norway, Ventelo, 196349000NOK 90NOK 57.6
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196359000NOK 90NOK 57.3
Norway, TDC, 196369000NOK 90NOK 57.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)19100NOK 91NOK 58.24
Norway, Netcom (1963)29100NOK 91NOK 58.24
Norway, Ventelo, 196349100NOK 91NOK 58.24
Norway, TDC, 196369100NOK 91NOK 58.24
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)19200NOK 92NOK 58.88
Norway, Netcom (1963)29200NOK 92NOK 58.88
Norway, Ventelo, 196349200NOK 92NOK 58.88
Norway, TDC, 196369200NOK 92NOK 58.88
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)19300NOK 93NOK 59.52
Norway, Netcom (1963)29300NOK 93NOK 59.52
Norway, Ventelo, 196349300NOK 93NOK 59.52
Norway, TDC, 196369300NOK 93NOK 59.52
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)19400NOK 94NOK 60.16
Norway, Netcom (1963)29400NOK 94NOK 60.16
Norway, Ventelo, 196349400NOK 94NOK 60.16
Norway, TDC, 196369400NOK 94NOK 60.16
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)19500NOK 95NOK 60.8
Norway, Netcom (1963)29500NOK 95NOK 60.8
Norway, Ventelo, 196349500NOK 95NOK 60.8
Norway, TDC, 196369500NOK 95NOK 60.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)19600NOK 96NOK 61.44
Norway, Netcom (1963)29600NOK 96NOK 61.44
Norway, Ventelo, 196349600NOK 96NOK 61.44
Norway, TDC, 196369600NOK 96NOK 61.44
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)19700NOK 97NOK 62.08
Norway, Netcom (1963)29700NOK 97NOK 62.08
Norway, Ventelo, 196349700NOK 97NOK 62.08
Norway, TDC, 196369700NOK 97NOK 62.08
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)19800NOK 98NOK 62.72
Norway, Netcom (1963)29800NOK 98NOK 62.72
Norway, Tele2 (1963)39800NOK 98NOK 62.72
Norway, Ventelo, 196349800NOK 98NOK 62.72
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196359800NOK 98NOK 62.42
Norway, TDC, 196369800NOK 98NOK 62.72
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)19900NOK 99NOK 63.36
Norway, Netcom (1963)29900NOK 99NOK 63.36
Norway, Tele2 (1963)39900NOK 99NOK 63.06
Norway, Ventelo, 196349900NOK 99NOK 63.36
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196359900NOK 99NOK 63.06
Norway, TDC, 196369900NOK 99NOK 63.36
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)110000NOK 100NOK 64
Norway, Netcom (1963)210000NOK 100NOK 64
Norway, Tele2 (1963)310000NOK 100NOK 63.7
Norway, Ventelo, 1963410000NOK 100NOK 64
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963510000NOK 100NOK 63.7
Norway, TDC, 1963610000NOK 100NOK 64
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)110100NOK 101NOK 64.64
Norway, Netcom (1963)210100NOK 101NOK 64.64
Norway, Tele2 (1963)310100NOK 101NOK 64.64
Norway, Ventelo, 1963410100NOK 101NOK 64.64
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963510100NOK 101NOK 64.34
Norway, TDC, 1963610100NOK 101NOK 64.64
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)110200NOK 102NOK 65.28
Norway, Netcom (1963)210200NOK 102NOK 65.28
Norway, Tele2 (1963)310200NOK 102NOK 65.28
Norway, Ventelo, 1963410200NOK 102NOK 65.28
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963510200NOK 102NOK 64.98
Norway, TDC, 1963610200NOK 102NOK 65.28
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)110300NOK 103NOK 65.92
Norway, Netcom (1963)210300NOK 103NOK 65.92
Norway, Tele2 (1963)310300NOK 103NOK 65.92
Norway, Ventelo, 1963410300NOK 103NOK 65.92
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963510300NOK 103NOK 65.62
Norway, TDC, 1963610300NOK 103NOK 65.92
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)110400NOK 104NOK 66.56
Norway, Netcom (1963)210400NOK 104NOK 66.56
Norway, Tele2 (1963)310400NOK 104NOK 66.56
Norway, Ventelo, 1963410400NOK 104NOK 66.56
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963510400NOK 104NOK 66.26
Norway, TDC, 1963610400NOK 104NOK 66.56
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)110500NOK 105NOK 67.2
Norway, Netcom (1963)210500NOK 105NOK 67.2
Norway, Tele2 (1963)310500NOK 105NOK 67.2
Norway, Ventelo, 1963410500NOK 105NOK 67.2
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963510500NOK 105NOK 66.9
Norway, TDC, 1963610500NOK 105NOK 67.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)110600NOK 106NOK 67.84
Norway, Netcom (1963)210600NOK 106NOK 67.84
Norway, Tele2 (1963)310600NOK 106NOK 67.84
Norway, Ventelo, 1963410600NOK 106NOK 67.84
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963510600NOK 106NOK 67.54
Norway, TDC, 1963610600NOK 106NOK 67.84
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)110700NOK 107NOK 68.48
Norway, Netcom (1963)210700NOK 107NOK 68.48
Norway, Tele2 (1963)310700NOK 107NOK 68.48
Norway, Ventelo, 1963410700NOK 107NOK 68.48
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963510700NOK 107NOK 68.18
Norway, TDC, 1963610700NOK 107NOK 68.48
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)110800NOK 108NOK 69.12
Norway, Netcom (1963)210800NOK 108NOK 69.12
Norway, Tele2 (1963)310800NOK 108NOK 69.12
Norway, Ventelo, 1963410800NOK 108NOK 69.12
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963510800NOK 108NOK 68.82
Norway, TDC, 1963610800NOK 108NOK 69.12
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)110900NOK 109NOK 69.76
Norway, Netcom (1963)210900NOK 109NOK 69.76
Norway, Tele2 (1963)310900NOK 109NOK 69.76
Norway, Ventelo, 1963410900NOK 109NOK 69.76
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963510900NOK 109NOK 69.46
Norway, TDC, 1963610900NOK 109NOK 69.76
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)111000NOK 110NOK 70.4
Norway, Netcom (1963)211000NOK 110NOK 70.4
Norway, Tele2 (1963)311000NOK 110NOK 70.4
Norway, Ventelo, 1963411000NOK 110NOK 70.4
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963511000NOK 110NOK 70.1
Norway, TDC, 1963611000NOK 110NOK 70.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)111100NOK 111NOK 71.04
Norway, Netcom (1963)211100NOK 111NOK 71.04
Norway, Tele2 (1963)311100NOK 111NOK 71.04
Norway, Ventelo, 1963411100NOK 111NOK 71.04
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963511100NOK 111NOK 70.74
Norway, TDC, 1963611100NOK 111NOK 71.04
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)111200NOK 112NOK 71.68
Norway, Netcom (1963)211200NOK 112NOK 71.68
Norway, Tele2 (1963)311200NOK 112NOK 71.68
Norway, Ventelo, 1963411200NOK 112NOK 71.68
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963511200NOK 112NOK 71.38
Norway, TDC, 1963611200NOK 112NOK 71.68
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)111300NOK 113NOK 72.32
Norway, Netcom (1963)211300NOK 113NOK 72.32
Norway, Tele2 (1963)311300NOK 113NOK 72.32
Norway, Ventelo, 1963411300NOK 113NOK 72.32
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963511300NOK 113NOK 72.02
Norway, TDC, 1963611300NOK 113NOK 72.32
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)111400NOK 114NOK 72.96
Norway, Netcom (1963)211400NOK 114NOK 72.96
Norway, Tele2 (1963)311400NOK 114NOK 72.96
Norway, Ventelo, 1963411400NOK 114NOK 72.96
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963511400NOK 114NOK 72.66
Norway, TDC, 1963611400NOK 114NOK 72.96
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)111500NOK 115NOK 73.6
Norway, Netcom (1963)211500NOK 115NOK 73.6
Norway, Tele2 (1963)311500NOK 115NOK 73.6
Norway, Ventelo, 1963411500NOK 115NOK 73.6
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963511500NOK 115NOK 73.3
Norway, TDC, 1963611500NOK 115NOK 73.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)111600NOK 116NOK 74.24
Norway, Netcom (1963)211600NOK 116NOK 74.24
Norway, Tele2 (1963)311600NOK 116NOK 74.24
Norway, Ventelo, 1963411600NOK 116NOK 74.24
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963511600NOK 116NOK 73.94
Norway, TDC, 1963611600NOK 116NOK 74.24
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)111700NOK 117NOK 74.88
Norway, Netcom (1963)211700NOK 117NOK 74.88
Norway, Tele2 (1963)311700NOK 117NOK 74.88
Norway, Ventelo, 1963411700NOK 117NOK 74.88
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963511700NOK 117NOK 74.58
Norway, TDC, 1963611700NOK 117NOK 74.88
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)111800NOK 118NOK 75.52
Norway, Netcom (1963)211800NOK 118NOK 75.52
Norway, Tele2 (1963)311800NOK 118NOK 75.52
Norway, Ventelo, 1963411800NOK 118NOK 75.52
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963511800NOK 118NOK 75.22
Norway, TDC, 1963611800NOK 118NOK 75.52
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)111900NOK 119NOK 76.16
Norway, Netcom (1963)211900NOK 119NOK 76.16
Norway, Tele2 (1963)311900NOK 119NOK 76.16
Norway, Ventelo, 1963411900NOK 119NOK 76.16
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963511900NOK 119NOK 75.86
Norway, TDC, 1963611900NOK 119NOK 76.16
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)112000NOK 120NOK 76.8
Norway, Netcom (1963)212000NOK 120NOK 76.8
Norway, Tele2 (1963)312000NOK 120NOK 76.8
Norway, Ventelo, 1963412000NOK 120NOK 76.8
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963512000NOK 120NOK 76.5
Norway, TDC, 1963612000NOK 120NOK 76.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)112100NOK 121NOK 77.44
Norway, Netcom (1963)212100NOK 121NOK 77.44
Norway, Tele2 (1963)312100NOK 121NOK 77.44
Norway, Ventelo, 1963412100NOK 121NOK 77.44
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963512100NOK 121NOK 77.14
Norway, TDC, 1963612100NOK 121NOK 77.44
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)112200NOK 122NOK 78.08
Norway, Netcom (1963)212200NOK 122NOK 78.08
Norway, Tele2 (1963)312200NOK 122NOK 78.08
Norway, Ventelo, 1963412200NOK 122NOK 78.08
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963512200NOK 122NOK 77.78
Norway, TDC, 1963612200NOK 122NOK 78.08
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)112300NOK 123NOK 78.72
Norway, Netcom (1963)212300NOK 123NOK 78.72
Norway, Tele2 (1963)312300NOK 123NOK 78.72
Norway, Ventelo, 1963412300NOK 123NOK 78.72
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963512300NOK 123NOK 78.42
Norway, TDC, 1963612300NOK 123NOK 78.72
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)112400NOK 124NOK 79.36
Norway, Netcom (1963)212400NOK 124NOK 79.36
Norway, Tele2 (1963)312400NOK 124NOK 79.36
Norway, Ventelo, 1963412400NOK 124NOK 79.36
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963512400NOK 124NOK 79.06
Norway, TDC, 1963612400NOK 124NOK 79.36
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)112500NOK 125NOK 80
Norway, Netcom (1963)212500NOK 125NOK 80
Norway, Tele2 (1963)312500NOK 125NOK 80
Norway, Ventelo, 1963412500NOK 125NOK 80
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963512500NOK 125NOK 79.7
Norway, TDC, 1963612500NOK 125NOK 80
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)112600NOK 126NOK 80.64
Norway, Netcom (1963)212600NOK 126NOK 80.64
Norway, Tele2 (1963)312600NOK 126NOK 80.64
Norway, Ventelo, 1963412600NOK 126NOK 80.64
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963512600NOK 126NOK 80.34
Norway, TDC, 1963612600NOK 126NOK 80.64
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)112700NOK 127NOK 81.28
Norway, Netcom (1963)212700NOK 127NOK 81.28
Norway, Tele2 (1963)312700NOK 127NOK 81.28
Norway, Ventelo, 1963412700NOK 127NOK 81.28
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963512700NOK 127NOK 80.98
Norway, TDC, 1963612700NOK 127NOK 81.28
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)112800NOK 128NOK 81.92
Norway, Netcom (1963)212800NOK 128NOK 81.92
Norway, Tele2 (1963)312800NOK 128NOK 81.92
Norway, Ventelo, 1963412800NOK 128NOK 81.92
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963512800NOK 128NOK 81.62
Norway, TDC, 1963612800NOK 128NOK 81.92
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)112900NOK 129NOK 82.56
Norway, Netcom (1963)212900NOK 129NOK 82.56
Norway, Tele2 (1963)312900NOK 129NOK 82.56
Norway, Ventelo, 1963412900NOK 129NOK 82.56
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963512900NOK 129NOK 82.26
Norway, TDC, 1963612900NOK 129NOK 82.56
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)113000NOK 130NOK 83.2
Norway, Netcom (1963)213000NOK 130NOK 83.2
Norway, Tele2 (1963)313000NOK 130NOK 83.2
Norway, Ventelo, 1963413000NOK 130NOK 83.2
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963513000NOK 130NOK 82.9
Norway, TDC, 1963613000NOK 130NOK 83.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)113100NOK 131NOK 83.84
Norway, Netcom (1963)213100NOK 131NOK 83.84
Norway, Tele2 (1963)313100NOK 131NOK 83.84
Norway, Ventelo, 1963413100NOK 131NOK 83.84
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963513100NOK 131NOK 83.54
Norway, TDC, 1963613100NOK 131NOK 83.84
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)113200NOK 132NOK 84.48
Norway, Netcom (1963)213200NOK 132NOK 84.48
Norway, Tele2 (1963)313200NOK 132NOK 84.48
Norway, Ventelo, 1963413200NOK 132NOK 84.48
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963513200NOK 132NOK 84.18
Norway, TDC, 1963613200NOK 132NOK 84.48
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)113300NOK 133NOK 85.12
Norway, Netcom (1963)213300NOK 133NOK 85.12
Norway, Tele2 (1963)313300NOK 133NOK 85.12
Norway, Ventelo, 1963413300NOK 133NOK 85.12
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963513300NOK 133NOK 84.82
Norway, TDC, 1963613300NOK 133NOK 85.12
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)113400NOK 134NOK 85.76
Norway, Netcom (1963)213400NOK 134NOK 85.76
Norway, Tele2 (1963)313400NOK 134NOK 85.76
Norway, Ventelo, 1963413400NOK 134NOK 85.76
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963513400NOK 134NOK 85.46
Norway, TDC, 1963613400NOK 134NOK 85.76
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)113500NOK 135NOK 86.4
Norway, Netcom (1963)213500NOK 135NOK 86.4
Norway, Tele2 (1963)313500NOK 135NOK 86.4
Norway, Ventelo, 1963413500NOK 135NOK 86.4
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963513500NOK 135NOK 86.1
Norway, TDC, 1963613500NOK 135NOK 86.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)113600NOK 136NOK 87.04
Norway, Netcom (1963)213600NOK 136NOK 87.04
Norway, Tele2 (1963)313600NOK 136NOK 87.04
Norway, Ventelo, 1963413600NOK 136NOK 87.04
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963513600NOK 136NOK 86.74
Norway, TDC, 1963613600NOK 136NOK 87.04
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)113700NOK 137NOK 87.68
Norway, Netcom (1963)213700NOK 137NOK 87.68
Norway, Tele2 (1963)313700NOK 137NOK 87.68
Norway, Ventelo, 1963413700NOK 137NOK 87.68
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963513700NOK 137NOK 87.38
Norway, TDC, 1963613700NOK 137NOK 87.68
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)113800NOK 138NOK 88.32
Norway, Netcom (1963)213800NOK 138NOK 88.32
Norway, Tele2 (1963)313800NOK 138NOK 88.32
Norway, Ventelo, 1963413800NOK 138NOK 88.32
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963513800NOK 138NOK 88.02
Norway, TDC, 1963613800NOK 138NOK 88.32
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)113900NOK 139NOK 88.96
Norway, Netcom (1963)213900NOK 139NOK 88.96
Norway, Tele2 (1963)313900NOK 139NOK 88.96
Norway, Ventelo, 1963413900NOK 139NOK 88.96
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963513900NOK 139NOK 88.66
Norway, TDC, 1963613900NOK 139NOK 88.96
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)114000NOK 140NOK 89.6
Norway, Netcom (1963)214000NOK 140NOK 89.6
Norway, Tele2 (1963)314000NOK 140NOK 89.6
Norway, Ventelo, 1963414000NOK 140NOK 89.6
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963514000NOK 140NOK 89.3
Norway, TDC, 1963614000NOK 140NOK 89.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)114100NOK 141NOK 90.24
Norway, Netcom (1963)214100NOK 141NOK 90.24
Norway, Tele2 (1963)314100NOK 141NOK 90.24
Norway, Ventelo, 1963414100NOK 141NOK 90.24
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963514100NOK 141NOK 89.94
Norway, TDC, 1963614100NOK 141NOK 90.24
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)114200NOK 142NOK 90.88
Norway, Netcom (1963)214200NOK 142NOK 90.88
Norway, Tele2 (1963)314200NOK 142NOK 90.88
Norway, Ventelo, 1963414200NOK 142NOK 90.88
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963514200NOK 142NOK 90.58
Norway, TDC, 1963614200NOK 142NOK 90.88
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)114300NOK 143NOK 91.52
Norway, Netcom (1963)214300NOK 143NOK 91.52
Norway, Tele2 (1963)314300NOK 143NOK 91.52
Norway, Ventelo, 1963414300NOK 143NOK 91.52
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963514300NOK 143NOK 91.22
Norway, TDC, 1963614300NOK 143NOK 91.52
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)114400NOK 144NOK 92.16
Norway, Netcom (1963)214400NOK 144NOK 92.16
Norway, Tele2 (1963)314400NOK 144NOK 92.16
Norway, Ventelo, 1963414400NOK 144NOK 92.16
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963514400NOK 144NOK 91.86
Norway, TDC, 1963614400NOK 144NOK 92.16
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)114500NOK 145NOK 92.8
Norway, Netcom (1963)214500NOK 145NOK 92.8
Norway, Tele2 (1963)314500NOK 145NOK 92.8
Norway, Ventelo, 1963414500NOK 145NOK 92.8
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963514500NOK 145NOK 92.5
Norway, TDC, 1963614500NOK 145NOK 92.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)114600NOK 146NOK 93.44
Norway, Netcom (1963)214600NOK 146NOK 93.44
Norway, Tele2 (1963)314600NOK 146NOK 93.44
Norway, Ventelo, 1963414600NOK 146NOK 93.44
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963514600NOK 146NOK 93.14
Norway, TDC, 1963614600NOK 146NOK 93.44
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)114700NOK 147NOK 94.08
Norway, Netcom (1963)214700NOK 147NOK 94.08
Norway, Tele2 (1963)314700NOK 147NOK 94.08
Norway, Ventelo, 1963414700NOK 147NOK 94.08
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963514700NOK 147NOK 93.78
Norway, TDC, 1963614700NOK 147NOK 94.08
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)114800NOK 148NOK 94.72
Norway, Netcom (1963)214800NOK 148NOK 94.72
Norway, Tele2 (1963)314800NOK 148NOK 94.72
Norway, Ventelo, 1963414800NOK 148NOK 94.72
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963514800NOK 148NOK 94.42
Norway, TDC, 1963614800NOK 148NOK 94.72
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)114900NOK 149NOK 95.36
Norway, Netcom (1963)214900NOK 149NOK 95.36
Norway, Tele2 (1963)314900NOK 149NOK 95.36
Norway, Ventelo, 1963414900NOK 149NOK 95.36
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963514900NOK 149NOK 95.06
Norway, TDC, 1963614900NOK 149NOK 95.36
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)115000NOK 150NOK 96
Norway, Netcom (1963)215000NOK 150NOK 96
Norway, Tele2 (1963)315000NOK 150NOK 96
Norway, Ventelo, 1963415000NOK 150NOK 96
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963515000NOK 150NOK 95.7
Norway, TDC, 1963615000NOK 150NOK 96
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)115100NOK 151NOK 96.64
Norway, Netcom (1963)215100NOK 151NOK 96.64
Norway, Tele2 (1963)315100NOK 151NOK 96.64
Norway, Ventelo, 1963415100NOK 151NOK 96.64
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963515100NOK 151NOK 96.34
Norway, TDC, 1963615100NOK 151NOK 96.64
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)115200NOK 152NOK 97.28
Norway, Netcom (1963)215200NOK 152NOK 97.28
Norway, Tele2 (1963)315200NOK 152NOK 97.28
Norway, Ventelo, 1963415200NOK 152NOK 97.28
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963515200NOK 152NOK 96.98
Norway, TDC, 1963615200NOK 152NOK 97.28
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)115300NOK 153NOK 97.92
Norway, Netcom (1963)215300NOK 153NOK 97.92
Norway, Tele2 (1963)315300NOK 153NOK 97.92
Norway, Ventelo, 1963415300NOK 153NOK 97.92
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963515300NOK 153NOK 97.62
Norway, TDC, 1963615300NOK 153NOK 97.92
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)115400NOK 154NOK 98.56
Norway, Netcom (1963)215400NOK 154NOK 98.56
Norway, Tele2 (1963)315400NOK 154NOK 98.56
Norway, Ventelo, 1963415400NOK 154NOK 98.56
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963515400NOK 154NOK 98.26
Norway, TDC, 1963615400NOK 154NOK 98.56
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)115500NOK 155NOK 99.2
Norway, Netcom (1963)215500NOK 155NOK 99.2
Norway, Tele2 (1963)315500NOK 155NOK 99.2
Norway, Ventelo, 1963415500NOK 155NOK 99.2
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963515500NOK 155NOK 98.9
Norway, TDC, 1963615500NOK 155NOK 99.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)115600NOK 156NOK 99.84
Norway, Netcom (1963)215600NOK 156NOK 99.84
Norway, Tele2 (1963)315600NOK 156NOK 99.84
Norway, Ventelo, 1963415600NOK 156NOK 99.84
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963515600NOK 156NOK 99.54
Norway, TDC, 1963615600NOK 156NOK 99.84
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)115700NOK 157NOK 100.48
Norway, Netcom (1963)215700NOK 157NOK 100.48
Norway, Tele2 (1963)315700NOK 157NOK 100.48
Norway, Ventelo, 1963415700NOK 157NOK 100.48
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963515700NOK 157NOK 100.18
Norway, TDC, 1963615700NOK 157NOK 100.48
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)115800NOK 158NOK 101.12
Norway, Netcom (1963)215800NOK 158NOK 101.12
Norway, Tele2 (1963)315800NOK 158NOK 101.12
Norway, Ventelo, 1963415800NOK 158NOK 101.12
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963515800NOK 158NOK 100.82
Norway, TDC, 1963615800NOK 158NOK 101.12
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)115900NOK 159NOK 101.76
Norway, Netcom (1963)215900NOK 159NOK 101.76
Norway, Tele2 (1963)315900NOK 159NOK 101.76
Norway, Ventelo, 1963415900NOK 159NOK 101.76
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963515900NOK 159NOK 101.46
Norway, TDC, 1963615900NOK 159NOK 101.76
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)116000NOK 160NOK 102.4
Norway, Netcom (1963)216000NOK 160NOK 102.4
Norway, Tele2 (1963)316000NOK 160NOK 102.4
Norway, Ventelo, 1963416000NOK 160NOK 102.4
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963516000NOK 160NOK 102.1
Norway, TDC, 1963616000NOK 160NOK 102.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)116100NOK 161NOK 103.04
Norway, Netcom (1963)216100NOK 161NOK 103.04
Norway, Tele2 (1963)316100NOK 161NOK 103.04
Norway, Ventelo, 1963416100NOK 161NOK 103.04
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963516100NOK 161NOK 102.74
Norway, TDC, 1963616100NOK 161NOK 103.04
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)116200NOK 162NOK 103.68
Norway, Netcom (1963)216200NOK 162NOK 103.68
Norway, Tele2 (1963)316200NOK 162NOK 103.68
Norway, Ventelo, 1963416200NOK 162NOK 103.68
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963516200NOK 162NOK 103.38
Norway, TDC, 1963616200NOK 162NOK 103.68
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)116300NOK 163NOK 104.32
Norway, Netcom (1963)216300NOK 163NOK 104.32
Norway, Tele2 (1963)316300NOK 163NOK 104.32
Norway, Ventelo, 1963416300NOK 163NOK 104.32
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963516300NOK 163NOK 104.02
Norway, TDC, 1963616300NOK 163NOK 104.32
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)116400NOK 164NOK 104.96
Norway, Netcom (1963)216400NOK 164NOK 104.96
Norway, Tele2 (1963)316400NOK 164NOK 104.96
Norway, Ventelo, 1963416400NOK 164NOK 104.96
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963516400NOK 164NOK 104.66
Norway, TDC, 1963616400NOK 164NOK 104.96
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)116500NOK 165NOK 105.6
Norway, Netcom (1963)216500NOK 165NOK 105.6
Norway, Tele2 (1963)316500NOK 165NOK 105.6
Norway, Ventelo, 1963416500NOK 165NOK 105.6
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963516500NOK 165NOK 105.3
Norway, TDC, 1963616500NOK 165NOK 105.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)116600NOK 166NOK 106.24
Norway, Netcom (1963)216600NOK 166NOK 106.24
Norway, Tele2 (1963)316600NOK 166NOK 106.24
Norway, Ventelo, 1963416600NOK 166NOK 106.24
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963516600NOK 166NOK 105.94
Norway, TDC, 1963616600NOK 166NOK 106.24
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)116700NOK 167NOK 106.88
Norway, Netcom (1963)216700NOK 167NOK 106.88
Norway, Tele2 (1963)316700NOK 167NOK 106.88
Norway, Ventelo, 1963416700NOK 167NOK 106.88
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963516700NOK 167NOK 106.58
Norway, TDC, 1963616700NOK 167NOK 106.88
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)116800NOK 168NOK 107.52
Norway, Netcom (1963)216800NOK 168NOK 107.52
Norway, Tele2 (1963)316800NOK 168NOK 107.52
Norway, Ventelo, 1963416800NOK 168NOK 107.52
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963516800NOK 168NOK 107.22
Norway, TDC, 1963616800NOK 168NOK 107.52
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)116900NOK 169NOK 108.16
Norway, Netcom (1963)216900NOK 169NOK 108.16
Norway, Tele2 (1963)316900NOK 169NOK 108.16
Norway, Ventelo, 1963416900NOK 169NOK 108.16
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963516900NOK 169NOK 107.86
Norway, TDC, 1963616900NOK 169NOK 108.16
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)117000NOK 170NOK 108.8
Norway, Netcom (1963)217000NOK 170NOK 108.8
Norway, Tele2 (1963)317000NOK 170NOK 108.8
Norway, Ventelo, 1963417000NOK 170NOK 108.8
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963517000NOK 170NOK 108.5
Norway, TDC, 1963617000NOK 170NOK 108.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)117100NOK 171NOK 109.44
Norway, Netcom (1963)217100NOK 171NOK 109.44
Norway, Tele2 (1963)317100NOK 171NOK 109.44
Norway, Ventelo, 1963417100NOK 171NOK 109.44
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963517100NOK 171NOK 109.14
Norway, TDC, 1963617100NOK 171NOK 109.44
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)117200NOK 172NOK 110.08
Norway, Netcom (1963)217200NOK 172NOK 110.08
Norway, Tele2 (1963)317200NOK 172NOK 110.08
Norway, Ventelo, 1963417200NOK 172NOK 110.08
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963517200NOK 172NOK 109.78
Norway, TDC, 1963617200NOK 172NOK 110.08
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)117300NOK 173NOK 110.72
Norway, Netcom (1963)217300NOK 173NOK 110.72
Norway, Tele2 (1963)317300NOK 173NOK 110.72
Norway, Ventelo, 1963417300NOK 173NOK 110.72
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963517300NOK 173NOK 110.42
Norway, TDC, 1963617300NOK 173NOK 110.72
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)117400NOK 174NOK 111.36
Norway, Netcom (1963)217400NOK 174NOK 111.36
Norway, Tele2 (1963)317400NOK 174NOK 111.36
Norway, Ventelo, 1963417400NOK 174NOK 111.36
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963517400NOK 174NOK 111.06
Norway, TDC, 1963617400NOK 174NOK 111.36
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)117500NOK 175NOK 112
Norway, Netcom (1963)217500NOK 175NOK 112
Norway, Tele2 (1963)317500NOK 175NOK 112
Norway, Ventelo, 1963417500NOK 175NOK 112
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963517500NOK 175NOK 111.7
Norway, TDC, 1963617500NOK 175NOK 112
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)117600NOK 176NOK 112.64
Norway, Netcom (1963)217600NOK 176NOK 112.64
Norway, Tele2 (1963)317600NOK 176NOK 112.64
Norway, Ventelo, 1963417600NOK 176NOK 112.64
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963517600NOK 176NOK 112.34
Norway, TDC, 1963617600NOK 176NOK 112.64
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)117700NOK 177NOK 113.28
Norway, Netcom (1963)217700NOK 177NOK 113.28
Norway, Tele2 (1963)317700NOK 177NOK 113.28
Norway, Ventelo, 1963417700NOK 177NOK 113.28
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963517700NOK 177NOK 112.98
Norway, TDC, 1963617700NOK 177NOK 113.28
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)117800NOK 178NOK 113.92
Norway, Netcom (1963)217800NOK 178NOK 113.92
Norway, Tele2 (1963)317800NOK 178NOK 113.92
Norway, Ventelo, 1963417800NOK 178NOK 113.92
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963517800NOK 178NOK 113.62
Norway, TDC, 1963617800NOK 178NOK 113.92
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)117900NOK 179NOK 114.56
Norway, Netcom (1963)217900NOK 179NOK 114.56
Norway, Tele2 (1963)317900NOK 179NOK 114.56
Norway, Ventelo, 1963417900NOK 179NOK 114.56
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963517900NOK 179NOK 114.26
Norway, TDC, 1963617900NOK 179NOK 114.56
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)118000NOK 180NOK 115.2
Norway, Netcom (1963)218000NOK 180NOK 115.2
Norway, Tele2 (1963)318000NOK 180NOK 115.2
Norway, Ventelo, 1963418000NOK 180NOK 115.2
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963518000NOK 180NOK 114.9
Norway, TDC, 1963618000NOK 180NOK 115.2
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)118100NOK 181NOK 115.84
Norway, Netcom (1963)218100NOK 181NOK 115.84
Norway, Tele2 (1963)318100NOK 181NOK 115.84
Norway, Ventelo, 1963418100NOK 181NOK 115.84
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963518100NOK 181NOK 115.54
Norway, TDC, 1963618100NOK 181NOK 115.84
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)118200NOK 182NOK 116.48
Norway, Netcom (1963)218200NOK 182NOK 116.48
Norway, Tele2 (1963)318200NOK 182NOK 116.48
Norway, Ventelo, 1963418200NOK 182NOK 116.48
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963518200NOK 182NOK 116.18
Norway, TDC, 1963618200NOK 182NOK 116.48
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)118300NOK 183NOK 117.12
Norway, Netcom (1963)218300NOK 183NOK 117.12
Norway, Tele2 (1963)318300NOK 183NOK 117.12
Norway, Ventelo, 1963418300NOK 183NOK 117.12
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963518300NOK 183NOK 116.82
Norway, TDC, 1963618300NOK 183NOK 117.12
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)118400NOK 184NOK 117.76
Norway, Netcom (1963)218400NOK 184NOK 117.76
Norway, Tele2 (1963)318400NOK 184NOK 117.76
Norway, Ventelo, 1963418400NOK 184NOK 117.76
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963518400NOK 184NOK 117.46
Norway, TDC, 1963618400NOK 184NOK 117.76
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)118500NOK 185NOK 118.4
Norway, Netcom (1963)218500NOK 185NOK 118.4
Norway, Tele2 (1963)318500NOK 185NOK 118.4
Norway, Ventelo, 1963418500NOK 185NOK 118.4
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963518500NOK 185NOK 118.1
Norway, TDC, 1963618500NOK 185NOK 118.4
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)118600NOK 186NOK 119.04
Norway, Netcom (1963)218600NOK 186NOK 119.04
Norway, Tele2 (1963)318600NOK 186NOK 119.04
Norway, Ventelo, 1963418600NOK 186NOK 119.04
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963518600NOK 186NOK 118.74
Norway, TDC, 1963618600NOK 186NOK 119.04
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)118700NOK 187NOK 119.68
Norway, Netcom (1963)218700NOK 187NOK 119.68
Norway, Tele2 (1963)318700NOK 187NOK 119.68
Norway, Ventelo, 1963418700NOK 187NOK 119.68
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963518700NOK 187NOK 119.38
Norway, TDC, 1963618700NOK 187NOK 119.68
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)118800NOK 188NOK 120.32
Norway, Netcom (1963)218800NOK 188NOK 120.32
Norway, Tele2 (1963)318800NOK 188NOK 120.32
Norway, Ventelo, 1963418800NOK 188NOK 120.32
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963518800NOK 188NOK 120.02
Norway, TDC, 1963618800NOK 188NOK 120.32
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)118900NOK 189NOK 120.96
Norway, Netcom (1963)218900NOK 189NOK 120.96
Norway, Tele2 (1963)318900NOK 189NOK 120.96
Norway, Ventelo, 1963418900NOK 189NOK 120.96
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963518900NOK 189NOK 120.66
Norway, TDC, 1963618900NOK 189NOK 120.96
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)119000NOK 190NOK 121.6
Norway, Netcom (1963)219000NOK 190NOK 121.6
Norway, Tele2 (1963)319000NOK 190NOK 121.6
Norway, Ventelo, 1963419000NOK 190NOK 121.6
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963519000NOK 190NOK 121.3
Norway, TDC, 1963619000NOK 190NOK 121.6
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)119100NOK 191NOK 122.24
Norway, Netcom (1963)219100NOK 191NOK 122.24
Norway, Tele2 (1963)319100NOK 191NOK 122.24
Norway, Ventelo, 1963419100NOK 191NOK 122.24
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963519100NOK 191NOK 121.94
Norway, TDC, 1963619100NOK 191NOK 122.24
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)119200NOK 192NOK 122.88
Norway, Netcom (1963)219200NOK 192NOK 122.88
Norway, Tele2 (1963)319200NOK 192NOK 122.88
Norway, Ventelo, 1963419200NOK 192NOK 122.88
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963519200NOK 192NOK 122.58
Norway, TDC, 1963619200NOK 192NOK 122.88
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)119300NOK 193NOK 123.52
Norway, Netcom (1963)219300NOK 193NOK 123.52
Norway, Tele2 (1963)319300NOK 193NOK 123.52
Norway, Ventelo, 1963419300NOK 193NOK 123.52
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963519300NOK 193NOK 123.22
Norway, TDC, 1963619300NOK 193NOK 123.52
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)119400NOK 194NOK 124.16
Norway, Netcom (1963)219400NOK 194NOK 124.16
Norway, Tele2 (1963)319400NOK 194NOK 124.16
Norway, Ventelo, 1963419400NOK 194NOK 124.16
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963519400NOK 194NOK 123.86
Norway, TDC, 1963619400NOK 194NOK 124.16
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)119500NOK 195NOK 124.8
Norway, Netcom (1963)219500NOK 195NOK 124.8
Norway, Tele2 (1963)319500NOK 195NOK 124.8
Norway, Ventelo, 1963419500NOK 195NOK 124.8
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963519500NOK 195NOK 124.5
Norway, TDC, 1963619500NOK 195NOK 124.8
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)119600NOK 196NOK 125.44
Norway, Netcom (1963)219600NOK 196NOK 125.44
Norway, Tele2 (1963)319600NOK 196NOK 125.44
Norway, Ventelo, 1963419600NOK 196NOK 125.44
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963519600NOK 196NOK 125.14
Norway, TDC, 1963619600NOK 196NOK 125.44
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)119700NOK 197NOK 126.08
Norway, Netcom (1963)219700NOK 197NOK 126.08
Norway, Tele2 (1963)319700NOK 197NOK 126.08
Norway, Ventelo, 1963419700NOK 197NOK 126.08
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963519700NOK 197NOK 125.78
Norway, TDC, 1963619700NOK 197NOK 126.08
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)119800NOK 198NOK 126.72
Norway, Netcom (1963)219800NOK 198NOK 126.72
Norway, Tele2 (1963)319800NOK 198NOK 126.72
Norway, Ventelo, 1963419800NOK 198NOK 126.72
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963519800NOK 198NOK 126.42
Norway, TDC, 1963619800NOK 198NOK 126.72
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)119900NOK 199NOK 127.36
Norway, Netcom (1963)219900NOK 199NOK 127.36
Norway, Tele2 (1963)319900NOK 199NOK 127.36
Norway, Ventelo, 1963419900NOK 199NOK 127.36
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963519900NOK 199NOK 127.06
Norway, TDC, 1963619900NOK 199NOK 127.36
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)120000NOK 200NOK 128
Norway, Netcom (1963)220000NOK 200NOK 128
Norway, Tele2 (1963)320000NOK 200NOK 128
Norway, Ventelo, 1963420000NOK 200NOK 128
Norway, NetworkNorway, 1963520000NOK 200NOK 127.7
Norway, TDC, 1963620000NOK 200NOK 128
MMS - pricegroups partly supported
(inc VAT)
(exl VAT)
Kilobyte Fee
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1200NOK 2NOK 0.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2200NOK 2NOK 0.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3200NOK 2NOK 0.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634200NOK 2NOK 0.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635200NOK 2NOK 0.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1300NOK 3NOK 1.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2300NOK 3NOK 1.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3300NOK 3NOK 1.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634300NOK 3NOK 0.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635300NOK 3NOK 1.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1400NOK 4NOK 2.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2400NOK 4NOK 2.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3400NOK 4NOK 1.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634400NOK 4NOK 1.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635400NOK 4NOK 1.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1500NOK 5NOK 2.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2500NOK 5NOK 2.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3500NOK 5NOK 2.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634500NOK 5NOK 1.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635500NOK 5NOK 2.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1600NOK 6NOK 3.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2600NOK 6NOK 3.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3600NOK 6NOK 3.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634600NOK 6NOK 2.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635600NOK 6NOK 3.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1700NOK 7NOK 3.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2700NOK 7NOK 3.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3700NOK 7NOK 3.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634700NOK 7NOK 3.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635700NOK 7NOK 3.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1800NOK 8NOK 4.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2800NOK 8NOK 4.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3800NOK 8NOK 4.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634800NOK 8NOK 3.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635800NOK 8NOK 4.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)1900NOK 9NOK 5.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)2900NOK 9NOK 5.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)3900NOK 9NOK 4.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 19634900NOK 9NOK 4.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 19635900NOK 9NOK 4.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11000NOK 10NOK 5.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21000NOK 10NOK 5.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31000NOK 10NOK 5.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341000NOK 10NOK 4.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351000NOK 10NOK 5.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11100NOK 11NOK 6.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21100NOK 11NOK 6.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31100NOK 11NOK 6.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341100NOK 11NOK 5.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351100NOK 11NOK 6.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11200NOK 12NOK 6.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21200NOK 12NOK 6.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31200NOK 12NOK 6.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341200NOK 12NOK 6.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351200NOK 12NOK 6.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11300NOK 13NOK 7.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21300NOK 13NOK 7.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31300NOK 13NOK 7.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341300NOK 13NOK 6.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351300NOK 13NOK 7.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11400NOK 14NOK 8.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21400NOK 14NOK 8.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31400NOK 14NOK 7.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341400NOK 14NOK 7.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351400NOK 14NOK 7.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11500NOK 15NOK 8.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21500NOK 15NOK 8.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31500NOK 15NOK 8.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341500NOK 15NOK 7.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351500NOK 15NOK 8.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11600NOK 16NOK 9.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21600NOK 16NOK 9.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31600NOK 16NOK 9.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341600NOK 16NOK 8.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351600NOK 16NOK 9.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11700NOK 17NOK 9.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21700NOK 17NOK 9.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31700NOK 17NOK 9.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341700NOK 17NOK 9.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351700NOK 17NOK 9.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11800NOK 18NOK 10.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21800NOK 18NOK 10.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31800NOK 18NOK 10.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341800NOK 18NOK 9.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351800NOK 18NOK 10.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)11900NOK 19NOK 11.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)21900NOK 19NOK 11.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)31900NOK 19NOK 10.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196341900NOK 19NOK 10.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196351900NOK 19NOK 10.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12000NOK 20NOK 11.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22000NOK 20NOK 11.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32000NOK 20NOK 11.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342000NOK 20NOK 10.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352000NOK 20NOK 11.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12100NOK 21NOK 12.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22100NOK 21NOK 12.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32100NOK 21NOK 12.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342100NOK 21NOK 11.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352100NOK 21NOK 12.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12200NOK 22NOK 12.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22200NOK 22NOK 12.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32200NOK 22NOK 12.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342200NOK 22NOK 12.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352200NOK 22NOK 12.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12300NOK 23NOK 13.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22300NOK 23NOK 13.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32300NOK 23NOK 13.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342300NOK 23NOK 12.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352300NOK 23NOK 13.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12400NOK 24NOK 14.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22400NOK 24NOK 14.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32400NOK 24NOK 13.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342400NOK 24NOK 13.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352400NOK 24NOK 13.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12500NOK 25NOK 14.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22500NOK 25NOK 14.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32500NOK 25NOK 14.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342500NOK 25NOK 13.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352500NOK 25NOK 14.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12600NOK 26NOK 15.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22600NOK 26NOK 15.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32600NOK 26NOK 15.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342600NOK 26NOK 14.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352600NOK 26NOK 15.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12700NOK 27NOK 15.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22700NOK 27NOK 15.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32700NOK 27NOK 15.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342700NOK 27NOK 15.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352700NOK 27NOK 15.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12800NOK 28NOK 16.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22800NOK 28NOK 16.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32800NOK 28NOK 16.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342800NOK 28NOK 15.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352800NOK 28NOK 16.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)12900NOK 29NOK 17.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)22900NOK 29NOK 17.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)32900NOK 29NOK 16.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196342900NOK 29NOK 16.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196352900NOK 29NOK 16.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13000NOK 30NOK 17.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23000NOK 30NOK 17.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33000NOK 30NOK 17.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343000NOK 30NOK 16.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353000NOK 30NOK 17.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13100NOK 31NOK 18.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23100NOK 31NOK 18.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33100NOK 31NOK 18.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343100NOK 31NOK 17.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353100NOK 31NOK 18.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13200NOK 32NOK 18.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23200NOK 32NOK 18.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33200NOK 32NOK 18.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343200NOK 32NOK 18.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353200NOK 32NOK 18.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13300NOK 33NOK 19.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23300NOK 33NOK 19.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33300NOK 33NOK 19.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343300NOK 33NOK 18.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353300NOK 33NOK 19.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13400NOK 34NOK 20.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23400NOK 34NOK 20.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33400NOK 34NOK 19.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343400NOK 34NOK 19.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353400NOK 34NOK 19.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13500NOK 35NOK 20.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23500NOK 35NOK 20.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33500NOK 35NOK 20.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343500NOK 35NOK 19.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353500NOK 35NOK 20.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13600NOK 36NOK 21.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23600NOK 36NOK 21.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33600NOK 36NOK 21.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343600NOK 36NOK 20.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353600NOK 36NOK 21.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13700NOK 37NOK 21.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23700NOK 37NOK 21.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33700NOK 37NOK 21.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343700NOK 37NOK 21.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353700NOK 37NOK 21.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13800NOK 38NOK 22.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23800NOK 38NOK 22.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33800NOK 38NOK 22.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343800NOK 38NOK 21.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353800NOK 38NOK 22.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)13900NOK 39NOK 23.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)23900NOK 39NOK 23.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)33900NOK 39NOK 22.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196343900NOK 39NOK 22.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196353900NOK 39NOK 22.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14000NOK 40NOK 23.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24000NOK 40NOK 23.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34000NOK 40NOK 23.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344000NOK 40NOK 22.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354000NOK 40NOK 23.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14100NOK 41NOK 24.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24100NOK 41NOK 24.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34100NOK 41NOK 24.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344100NOK 41NOK 23.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354100NOK 41NOK 24.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14200NOK 42NOK 24.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24200NOK 42NOK 24.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34200NOK 42NOK 24.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344200NOK 42NOK 24.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354200NOK 42NOK 24.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14300NOK 43NOK 25.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24300NOK 43NOK 25.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34300NOK 43NOK 25.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344300NOK 43NOK 24.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354300NOK 43NOK 25.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14400NOK 44NOK 26.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24400NOK 44NOK 26.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34400NOK 44NOK 25.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344400NOK 44NOK 25.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354400NOK 44NOK 25.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14500NOK 45NOK 26.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24500NOK 45NOK 26.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34500NOK 45NOK 26.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344500NOK 45NOK 25.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354500NOK 45NOK 26.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14600NOK 46NOK 27.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24600NOK 46NOK 27.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34600NOK 46NOK 27.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344600NOK 46NOK 26.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354600NOK 46NOK 27.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14700NOK 47NOK 27.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24700NOK 47NOK 27.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34700NOK 47NOK 27.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344700NOK 47NOK 27.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354700NOK 47NOK 27.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14800NOK 48NOK 28.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24800NOK 48NOK 28.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34800NOK 48NOK 28.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344800NOK 48NOK 27.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354800NOK 48NOK 28.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)14900NOK 49NOK 29.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)24900NOK 49NOK 29.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)34900NOK 49NOK 28.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196344900NOK 49NOK 28.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196354900NOK 49NOK 28.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15000NOK 50NOK 29.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25000NOK 50NOK 29.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35000NOK 50NOK 29.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345000NOK 50NOK 28.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355000NOK 50NOK 29.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15100NOK 51NOK 30.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25100NOK 51NOK 30.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35100NOK 51NOK 30.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345100NOK 51NOK 29.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355100NOK 51NOK 30.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15200NOK 52NOK 30.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25200NOK 52NOK 30.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35200NOK 52NOK 30.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345200NOK 52NOK 30.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355200NOK 52NOK 30.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15300NOK 53NOK 31.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25300NOK 53NOK 31.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35300NOK 53NOK 31.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345300NOK 53NOK 30.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355300NOK 53NOK 31.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15400NOK 54NOK 32.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25400NOK 54NOK 32.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35400NOK 54NOK 31.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345400NOK 54NOK 31.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355400NOK 54NOK 31.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15500NOK 55NOK 32.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25500NOK 55NOK 32.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35500NOK 55NOK 32.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345500NOK 55NOK 31.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355500NOK 55NOK 32.55NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15600NOK 56NOK 33.38NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25600NOK 56NOK 33.3NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35600NOK 56NOK 33.15NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345600NOK 56NOK 32.45NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355600NOK 56NOK 33.15NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15700NOK 57NOK 33.98NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25700NOK 57NOK 33.9NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35700NOK 57NOK 33.75NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345700NOK 57NOK 33.05NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355700NOK 57NOK 33.75NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15800NOK 58NOK 34.58NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25800NOK 58NOK 34.5NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35800NOK 58NOK 34.35NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345800NOK 58NOK 33.65NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355800NOK 58NOK 34.35NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)15900NOK 59NOK 35.18NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)25900NOK 59NOK 35.1NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)35900NOK 59NOK 34.95NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196345900NOK 59NOK 34.25NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196355900NOK 59NOK 34.95NOK 0
Norway, Telenor Mobil (1963)16000NOK 60NOK 35.78NOK 0
Norway, Netcom (1963)26000NOK 60NOK 35.7NOK -0.01
Norway, Tele2 (1963)36000NOK 60NOK 35.55NOK 0
Norway, Ventelo, 196346000NOK 60NOK 34.85NOK 0
Norway, NetworkNorway, 196356000NOK 60NOK 35.55NOK 0

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