About ViaNett

ViaNett was founded on 24 January 1998 to enable high-performance businesses to bridge the communication environment between end-users, groups and companies "via the net".

ViaNett is a fast-growing organization focusing on highly scalable technologies like SMS applications, Content Management Systems and an on-line shopping application. Its technologies have a proven record of delivering value to a great variety of business enterprises.

Efficiency with SMS

In a world where efficiency is a key-word in most business models around the world, and in a time where smart phones are in the hands of almost everyone, we are proud to be working with the tools that make people react faster. We believe that Short Messaging Service - SMS - is the most efficient communication method in the world, and our goal is to constantly improve and tune up our function as an SMS wholesaler and partner to all our clients worldwide. Our goal is to make as many people as possible understand the benefits of using SMS to streamline their own and others' use of time. In our world it's all about making things happen faster.

To get to know us better, you find more information about us here.

Contact Information

ViaNett AS
Rabekkgata 9
Postboks 528 Høyden
1522 Moss l Norway
Tel. + 47 69 20 69 20
E-mail: vianett@vianett.com
Org.no: 979 795 092