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Two new shared shortcodes
We now have 2 new shared shortcodes available.
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New operator in Norway
ViaNett now has two-way and premium coverage for the Norwegian operator Network Norway.
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New high quality route
A new route has been installed.
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New feature
Intermediate delivery reports on GW250
Intermediate delivery reports will give you better control on your messages.
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Network Query
Reduced prices until 1 July. The service can easily be tested from a web page.
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International MO services
International MO services are now available for demonstration.
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Network Query
ViaNett has introduced a new service. Network query can be used to find the home operator for a mobile subscriber. This is a real time query in the GSM net. This service can be useful in countries with number portability.
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New Interface
SMPP version 3.4
SMPP is an industry standard. This protocol can be used to send SMS. This interface is not available for premium services.
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WAP Push
Technical description of how you can send WAP Push messages through ViaNett's gateway.
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Special offer:
Get sms premium access and sms bulk contract with high discount!
We are able to support you with direct sms premium access in 11 countries!

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Free demonstration...
ViaNett Publishing
Special offer for our premium customers in june / july 2005.
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Delivery notification request on bulk messages
Do you want to know when the message actually arrives to the phone, or if the messages you have sent actually arrive to the phone at all.
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