Gateway: GW365

Route description
Very high quality
Status codes
1Unknown subscriber
6Memory capacity exceeded
7Teleservice not provisioned
18System Failure
23Delivery fail (ValidityPeriod exceeded)
27Absent subscriber
44Equipment protocol error
48Operator barring
53No paging response via the MSC
54IMSI detached
56Deregistered in the HLR for non-GPRS
57MS purged for non-GPRS
62Unidentified subscriber via the MSC
120Memory capacity exceeded
152Illegal equipment
158Memory capacity exceeded
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Minimum Monthly BillBase FeeCalculate Prices
EUR 150.0EUR 0,049Calculate Prices
EUR 275.0EUR 0,037Calculate Prices
EUR 650.0EUR 0,025Calculate Prices
972425Israel5Palestine Cellular Communications, Ltd.EUR 0,060
965419Kuwait2Zain KuwaitEUR 0,060
47242Norway3TeletopiaEUR 0,037
47242Norway14ice.netEUR 0,037
47242Norway1TelenorEUR 0,018
47242Norway2Telia (NetCom)EUR 0,037
47242Norway5Network NorwayEUR 0,037
47242Norway7Phonero (Ventelo)EUR 0,037
47242Norway9Com4EUR 0,037
47242Norway23Lyca Mobile LtdEUR 0,037
47242Norway8TDC Mobil ASEUR 0,037
47242Norway4Tele2EUR 0,037
1671310United States of America380AT&T MobilityEUR 0,060
1671310United States of America410AT&T MobilityEUR 0,060