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ViaNett increases security through Verji SMS from Rosberg AS
Smartphones are subjected to silent attacks these days, you will never know that you are infected and no Anti- virus can detect these threats. This is in other words attacks that are stealthy and untraceable, and you have no means to protect yourself – until now.
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ViaNett buys Sendega
ViaNett acquires 100% of the shares in Sendega AS, making ViaNett the second largest company in the SMS market in Norway today. Both companies provide products and services related to mobile communications and mobile payments in Norway and will have a total turnover of NOK 120 million (approximately 14.4 million EUR).
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Welcome to ViaNett and our world of SMS!
Did you know that 93% read their SMS / text message within 3 minutes? This is one of the reasons why SMS is one of the world’s most powerful communication methods.
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Strong demand in the Bulk SMS market
After a fabulous general market growth of 28 % in 2012, the growth of Bulk SMS is speeding up even further in 2013. During the first six months ViaNett has had a Bulk SMS growth of an amazing 34 %.
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ViaNett has acquired Vidamo’s SMS client portfolio
ViaNett is focusing its efforts as an SMS Specialist and the role as an SMS wholesaler worldwide. As part of ViaNett’s strategy, we have looked at various client portfolios that we want to buy as a part of our plan for expansion.
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Nespresso is successfully using SMS in their campaigns
With a presence in almost 60 countries and a global store network consisting of over 300 exclusive Nespresso boutiques, Nespresso is the pioneer and reference for coffee pods and capsules of the highest quality.
Read more has success with SMS! is a provider of mobile broadband in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. They have successfully used SMS in its sales and marketing work.
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ViaNett introduces Online Monitor (beta)
With ViaNett Online Monitor, you now have the ability to monitor all your SMS traffic around the clock from both PC and phones. The monitor is a fun and useful online tool where you can see the traffic in all countries. In the monitor you can see the following:
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ViaNett - Now a pure SMS specialist for you!
The SMS business market has experienced a growth in 2012 with more than 28 %. Never before have SMS messages been more popular for use for business purposes throughout the world!
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