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On the menu, you will find payout tables and other information about each present country with premium MMS services from ViaNett. If you cannot find the country you are looking for, feel free to ask us. The country of your interest might be planned already or available for us at short notice.


Norwegian customers, go to this page.

Establishment fee for full premium service is normally EUR 990 per country.
Monthly fee for premium is EUR 95.

Please Note that the fees might be higher in some countries, so you should ask for confirmation on the fees.

For MMS Delivery purchase, take a look at this page.

Country Establishment fee Monthly fee Cut of net revenue

990 EUR

95 EUR



990 EUR

95 EUR



990 EUR

95 EUR


* Establishment fee is 990 EUR for the first country, afterwards 495 EUR.

Cut of net revenue

Norway: 80% for gross amount NOK 0 - NOK 100 000 each month.
90% for gross amount above NOK 100 000 each month.
Sweden: 80% for gross amount SEK 0 - SEK 150 000 each month.
90% for gross amount above SEK 150 000 each month.


NOK 150 000 turnover gross in one month in Norway will give 80% for the first 100 000 and 90% for NOK 50 000.

The prices do not include VAT.

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