SMTP [E-mail to SMS] API Documentation

ViaNett provides its customers with a simple method to send SMS messages using the well-known SMTP protocol.


  • The sender has to have a ViaNett SMS account. Please contact Customer Services if you don't have one.
  • Any email account (such as Gmail/Hotmail) or any SMTP client application.

How to send an SMS message using SMTP

The sender needs to add the following information in the e-mail:

From address Your e-mail address (warning will be sent to this address)
To address
Body Message contents

Field Description

The descriptions of the subject fields are:

Your ViaNett username (register a demo account if you wish to test)
Your ViaNett password
sourceAddr Source address (in numeric or alphanumeric format)
Pricegroup in numeric format.
Campaign ID.
msg OPTIONAL. We recommend using the mail body instead.


Open your own e-mail account, add the phone number you wish to send the SMS message to followed by Then in the subject section, please add your username and password (given to you by ViaNett) and followed by other information such as the message contents, e.g.:

Subject: username=myusername&password=mypassword&sourceAddr=test
Body: Message contents


You can use your own SMTP server to take advantage of the built-in queuing, or you can use as the SMTP server.

For a free Demo account, please register here.
To contact Sales or  Customer Service, please click here.