Web Services [SOAP] API Documentation

ViaNett has launched a new interface to send SMS messages, check/create prefix and bind/create campaigns.

The following operations are supported:

  • ChargeWapClient1- Bill a WAP client
  • ChargeWapClient2 -Bill a WAP client using operator hostname. You should most likely use another method.
  • CheckMPayment -Check MPayment status
  • CheckRouteStatus -Check the test status of certain fixed ID routes
  • MTStatus1 -Check status information of a message using its ID
  • SendSMS_Advanced1
  • SendSMS_Advanced2
  • SendSMS_Simple1
  • SubmitAreaQuery1
  • SubmitHLR1
  • SubmitHLR2
  • SubmitHLRs1 -Send multiple HLRs in one request
  • SubmitHLRs2 -Send multiple HLRs in one request
  • SubmitSm1
  • BindCampaignToConnection - Bind a campaign to a connection
  • CheckPrefix -Check whether a prefix exists
  • CreateCampaign -Create a new campaign
  • CreatePrefix -Create a prefix 

  • For more information, please visit:

    Note: Delivery reports and incoming messages are not available yet on this interface.

    Return codes on some of these web services:

    1 - Ok
    101 - Login Failed
    301 - Ok
    302 - Invalid campaignid/countryid, campaign name already exists, or access denied
    303 - Invalid access number or access denied
    303 - Invalid connectionid/access number or access denied
    304 - Prefix not available
    305 - Invalid typeid or access denied
    306 - Invalid campaignid or access denied
    307 - Prefix length has to be minimum 3 characters
    307 - Invalid telephone number