WAP Documentation

Take the following steps to start with WAP billing.

Step by step overview

  1. First of all, the end-user enters your WAP page
  2. Then you direct the end-user to ViaNett's server (http://smsc.vianett.no/v3/protocol/wapbilling/?companyId=x&urlid=x). The Company ID value is the ID of your SMS account, and may be found here. The URL ID is the ID of the URL you have set up (see the next step).
  3. After that, the end-user is directed back to the URL you have specified in the configuration (configure)
  4. You now have the required information needed to run the Webservice2 via ViaNett web service at http://smsc.vianett.no/Wap/CPA/CPAWebService.asmx

Request / Response parameters

The following operations are supported.

  • WebService1 - Bill an end-user using a combination of alias and user IP address (only for some of ViaNett's customers)
  • WebService2 - Bill an end-user using ticketid received from ViaNett (used for most ViaNett customers)
For more information:

Request parameters

ReferenceID - customer reference ID
Username - ViaNett account username
Password - ViaNett account password
CampaignID - campaign on which the billing belongs.
Useralias - The MSISDN of the end-user (if available) or an alias for the MSISDN, as provided by ViaNett
IP - the IP address for the handset of the end-user
Ticket - the ticket for the end-user (used instead of useralias + IP on Webservice2)
ContentPrice - the amount the end-user will be billed, in sub currency units (e.g. 300 = 300 øre = 3 kr in Norway)
Description - A description (optional)
URL - Content URL (optional)

Response parameters

  • Charged - true or false
  • Resend - true or false
  • Description - error messages, e.g. (not always provided)
  • ReferenceId - ReferenceID from ViaNett
  • YourReferenceId - The value specified as referenceId in the request
  • StatusCode - status code (not always provided)