Field description

CampaignID Id of the campaign that the message belongs to
Checksum Unique checksum for each message
ConsumerPrice The price of the message
CountryID Country id
CPAContentCost How much the content costs for you
CPACost How much the message costs for you
CPARevenue Your revenue share
Cut Your percentage of total revenue
DestinationAddr Recipient's phone number
ErrorCode Code that indicates how the sending went
ErrorDescription Description of how the sending went
FromAlpha Sender number or name
Message This is the subject field in the mms
MmsChecksum Unique checksum for each mms
MmsData This field contains the base64 encoded text representation of the zipped mms file
MmsId Id of the mms
MmsUrl Url of the mms
Msg SMS message text
Msgok Indicates if the message is ok or not
NetPrice Payout from operator before Vianett's cut
Now Date and time
Operator What operator the message is sent to
OperatorID What operator id the message is sent to
Password password
Prefix Prefix is the first word in the message
Refno Transaction unique id
RequestType 1. Delivered to operator
2. Final delivery report to phone
3. Intermediate delivery report to phone (absent user etc)
RetryCount If the message has failed, how many times it has retried
SentDate When the message was sent
Sno End user phone number
SourceAddr End user phone number
Status What the status of the message is
StatusCode What status code the message has
StatusDescription Description of the message status
Tel End user phone number
Username Username
DeliveryDate This is when we received delivery report from the operator. Format: YYYYMMDDhhmmss
Ack refno Transaction unique id
Errorcode Indicates if the sending was successful or not