The HTTP API is a simple and powerful SMS API to send your SMS messages. It allows you to send all kind of message types, including ordinary text, binary and MMS messages.


  • Simple and easy to implement.
  • Powerful.
  • Wide support for message types and features.
  • Extended delivery reports with MCC/MNC and revenue/cost information.


  • Basic programming/scripting skills.
  • HTTP browser/component.
  • Server/computer on which to install your script/application.


Create a script to generate a URL like this: Retrieve this web page from your script/application, and the SMS will be sent.

Please look at the HTTP API documentation for the exact syntax.

Code Example

To get the best out of this SMS API, we recommend you to download the C# code example. This download requires login, but the registration is free. Sign up now and you get 5 free SMS messages for your trial. Other downloadable code examples using HTTP API are ASP (VBScript), VB.NET and PHP.


You will find the HTTP API documentation here.

How to start

Sign up with our free online registration. You will get 5 credits for your trial. You can then buy more credits with your credit card. You may also contact if you prefer to do so.

API functions
HTTP API functionsHTTP
SMS delivery (Bulk SMS)
SMS Two-way SMS
SMS billing
SMS final delivery reports
SMS intermediate delivery reports
Status reports
Extended status reports
MMS delivery/billing
CC Payment
Multiple connections
Choose route per SMS
High throughput (20/SEC)
Low latency
Required experience for implementationLow
Alpha numeric sender id
Binary support
Concatenated, split by client
Concatenated, split on server
API methodHTTP
Unicode support
Scheduled on server
Scheduled at SMSC
Flash SMS
Location services
HTTPS encryption
Statistics overview
Statistics details
Message tracking
Message queue status
Message export
Sub accounts