Web Services [SOAP] API

This is a simple and powerful API to send your SMS. This API can be used to send text messages (including Unicode messages).


  • Simple and easy to implement.
  • Additional administration features such as adding and checking the availability of keywords and adding campaigns.


  • Programming/scripting skills.
  • Server/computer on which to install your script/application.


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How to start

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API functions
SOAP API functionsSOAP
SMS delivery (Bulk SMS)
SMS Two-way SMS (*)
SMS billing
SMS final delivery reports (*)
SMS intermediate delivery reports (*)
Status reports (*)
Extended status reports (*)
Multiple connections
Choose route per SMS
High throughput (10/SEC)
Low latency
Required experience for implementationLow
Alpha numeric sender id
Binary support
Concatenated, split by client
Concatenated, split on server
API methodWebservice
Unicode support
HTTPS encryption
Add campaign
Add/delete keyword
Keyword availability
Keyword bindings
Statistics overview
Statistics details
Message tracking
Message queue status
Message export
Sub accounts
(*) with combination with a different interface