The SMPP API is a simple and powerful API to send your SMS. This API can be used to send all kinds of SMS types, including ordinary text, binary, and Unicode messages (however, it does not currently support mobile payment traffic).


  • Industry standard.
  • Fast.
  • Powerful.
  • High throughput.


  • A third-party API/application with SMPP support.
  • If you want to create your own application, you will need to be familiar with socket programming, and you must have an understanding of how to work with binary data (bits and bytes).
  • Server/computer on which to install your script/application.


Look at the YAP API. It's the same logic, but with binary syntax. Please check the SMPP API documentation.


You will find the SMPP API documentation here.

How to start

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API functions
SMPP API functionsSMPP
SMS delivery (Bulk SMS)
SMS Two-way SMS
SMS final delivery reports
SMS intermediate delivery reports
Multiple connections
Choose route per connection
High throughput (50/SEC)
Low latency
Required experience for implementationBinary/Socket
Alpha numeric sender id
Binary support
Concatenated, split by client
API methodSMPP
Unicode support
Scheduled at SMSC
Flash SMS
VPN channel encryption
Statistics overview
Statistics details
Message tracking
Message queue status
Message export
Sub accounts